Gee Family Cemetery

The Gee Family Cemetery is located at the end of Moore Road on Will Maxwell's farm. Only family members with
keys may enter. Directions: From Quincy, go south on Adams Street (street on west side of the Courthouse), and the
street becomes High Bridge Road. Travel about 7 miles and turn left on Moore Road. Go to the end of Moore Road and
stop at the locked gate. Beyond the gate, there is a two-rut road that goes about 1/4 mile to a clearing on the west.
The cemetery is enclosed in a fence and is about 700 square feet in size. The site has been restored by the family,
and cross markers have been put in places where there are no markers but there are obvious indentations indicating
graves. The names of people known to be buried in this cemetery but who have no marker are inscribed on a stone
at the entrance. Many thanks to Annette Gee Ford of Quincy for showing us the cemetery and providing the relation-
ships of the people buried there. Photos of many of these people were provided by Annette Gee Ford and can be
found on the Photographs page.

Cemetery surveyed by Donna Warlick and photographed by Angela Cassidy on April 23, 2007, with Annette Ford.

Gate at the entrance.
View of the cemetery from the front.
Views of the cemetery from the back looking toward the front.
The tall monument is for Henry Gee, born Oct. 12, 1782, died Feb. 4, 1851. Obelisk View 1, Obelisk View 2, , Obelisk Top with Masonic Emblem.
The text of his obelisk reads: O ye, whose check the tears of pity stains. Draw near in pious revírence and attend. Here lie the loving husbandís dear remains. The tender father and the genírous friend. The pitying heart that felt for human wo. The dauntless heart that feared no human pride. The friend of man to vice alone a foe. For evín his failing leaned to virtue side.

And, lo I am with you always even unto the end of the world.
Amen. Matthew XXVIII.20

Next to him is his second wife Martha E. Gee, born January 16, 1804, died October 28, 1882.

1.   Their son, William Hilliard Gee, born July 16, 1831, died October 6, 1887. His wife Louisa is buried beside him. Baby David next to him is their child.

2.   Their son, James Gee, born 1829, died 1862, is the James buried nearest the gate. The family believes that James' wife, Lucy Jones Wyatt, born 1833, died 1884, is buried to his right in an unmarked grave. All of the Gregory children, with marked graves, buried in the row with this James are his grandchildren.
Braxton F. Gregory, Ivey Hill Gregory, Laura Alice, Lawrance Percy Gregory.
The small markers with crosses that were put over the indentations are in the other end of this row. Those are also the graves of this James' descendants (names are on the plaque at the gate).

3.  Their son, Samuel Forrester Gee (with the broken obelisk signifying a life cut short), died November 25, 1858, at age 25. Text on the obelisk.

4.  Their son, David Gee, born 1836, died 1864, is most likely in the brick covered grave next to Samuel. He was a Confederate soldier and died of disease during the war. The Sons of Confederate Veterans have ordered a monument for him.

5.  Richard Call Gee, born 1841, died 1865, is believed to be in the brick covered grave next to David. He was also a soldier in the Civil War and died of disease. The Sons of Confederate Veterans have ordered a monument for him.

6.  Agnes Gee, the only daughter, born October 10, 1826, died January 12, 1900, is buried at Martha's feet.

7.  Their son, Charles Alston Gee, born Nov. 20 1833, died April 24, 1867 after the war and is buried in an unmarked grave, but it is known that he is buried in this cemetery. He was a Confederate veteran

8.  Henry's only child born to his first wife, Agnes Forrester Gee, was John Henry Gee, born circa 1819, who died in 1876 in a Quincy fire. He is buried in an unmarked grave, but it is known that he is buried in this cemetery. He was a Confederate veteran.

Logically Charles Alston and John Henry should be in the row with David and Richard Call in the order they died.

Both wives of Henry, Agnes and Martha, were sisters. Their other sister Jane, lived with Henry's family, and she is buried here. Agnes died in South Carolina and is buried there.

Henry Gee's brother, James, is buried at the foot of Henry's grave. This grave is covered with brick and has no headstone.

Family history says that Henry's devoted manservant was buried next to him, and that could be he in the bricked grave beside Henry.

The monument at the entrance to the cemetery states this:
Dedicated to the memory of those believed to be buried here in unmarked graves.

William Gee, 1791 -
Jane B. Forrester, c. 1800 - c. 1875
Dr. John Henry Gee, Maj., CSA, 1819 - 1876
James Gee, 1829 - 1862
Lucy Jones Wyatt Gee, 1833 - 1884
Charles Alston Gee, Capt., CSA, 1833 - 1867
David Gee, 2nd Lt., CSA, 1836 - 1864
Richard Call Gee, Pvt., CSA, 1841 - 1865
Laura A. Gee, 1855 -
James Henry Gee, 1857 - c. 1922
William V. Gee, 1858 -
Ellen Gee, c. 1860 -
Henry Gee's faithful servant----Name Unknown
In the year of our Lord 1966

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