Welcome to the website for the Gadsden County, Florida, GenWeb, part of the Florida GenWeb Project, Inc. This is the best source on the Internet for genealogical data about people who were born in, lived in, or died in Gadsden County. I have about 5,000 photos of tombstones and people, over 1,500 obituaries, some marriage records, some wills, biographies, and 13 years of the Gadsden County Times' social and civic news.

I am currently photographing the Havana Herald, and I have 3 years of it online already, beginnning with the first issue in 1947. Continuing to photograph the Gadsden County Times (I am up to 1929 from 1916) and the Havana Herald will be a 10-year project for me alone. If you have photography skills, an interest in preserving Gadsden County's history, and have some weekday time available, I could use some volunteers to help photograph the Times' or the Herald's old issues. I have volunteers who can type them.

Attention FIND-A-GRAVE volunteers:

You are NOT allowed to take the photos from my cemetery indexes and post them to FIND-A-Grave. Nearly every cemetery photo I have has already been taken and uploaded by people who are not authorized. You are not allowed to take my indexes and create new cemeteries or add to cemeteries on FAG. I am a volunteer myself and I post my photos to FIND-A-GRAVE when I have time. That being said, these are the only two people I have authorized to take my grave stone photos, because they reciprocate and give me photos for this web site:
1.  Andy Wright
2.  Keith Balon.

Everyone please read the Acceptable Use Policy below to find out how you are authorized to use material on this site.

How to use the SEARCH FEATURE. Use the man's name, because women were never named before 1960. They were always Mrs. Man's Name. Also most men's names in the newspaper clippings were their initials instead of their given names. Havana, Concord, Chattahoochee and River Junction news was in the Gadsden County Times before Chattahoochee and Havana got newspapers, so look through the Times. Good luck. And scroll on down to see some of my favorite Facebook sites for great photos and information about Quincy and Havana.

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Acceptable Use Policy

Please read the Acceptable Use Policybefore proceeding, in order to familiarize yourself with the terms by which you may use information on this web site.

Two Facebook Sites About Gadsden County You May Be Interested In

On Facebook, two sites that I enjoy are Quincy Reunited, where the site owner posts photos of Quincy landmarks, and people comment on them. More information is derived from the comments than from the photo posting. Another site is I Attended Havana High School. Anyone may post photos to this site or just ask questions. There are a lot of old Havana High School photos and you are sure to see either yourself or your parents, and possibly your grandparents if you or they lived in Havana.

Gadsden County Rootsweb Mailing List

If you are interested in receiving notices from me about new things I have added to this site, please join the Gadsden County mailing list at Rootsweb.Ancestry.com. Click here to subscribe. Anyone may post queries about their Gadsden County ancestors here or respond to others' queries. I will also periodically send notices that I have added some new information to this web site. This list is not very active, so you won't be flooded with e-mails, maybe 40 a year.

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