Ferrell Cemetery

Originally surveyed by Wayne Carpenter in February 2000. These are his directions from Chattahoochee:
Take Hwy 269 South. Go 4 miles to Hardaway Road (paved). Turn left and go 3.6 miles. Turn left between
two big pecan trees into a field. Go .2 mile across field to the northwest corner. Cemetery is about [?] feet
into the woods and is not maintained. It has a steel bar picket fence around it.

Photographed by Angela Cassidy and Donna Warlick on October 23, 2010. We came from Gretna on
Hardaway Road and had no idea how far it was from east to west. Amazingly, we found the two pecan
trees opening into a field on the north side of Hardaway Road immediately east of Faircloth Road. The
cemetery was in the northwest corner, just as Wayne said, about 50 feet into the woods. It was a wreck.
Tree limbs had fallen on stones and completely covered them up, plus prickly trees, like crabapples
blocked our way into the wrought iron gate. We had to hack our way in. It's a terrible shame, because this
cemetery is on the property of people who are buried in it (Dennison). Anyway, we left it in better shape
than we found it. We tossed out as many limbs as we could, but it sure needs to be underbrushed.

First, there is a series of photos leading you to the cemetery and showing the overgrown state.
Then the grave stone photos follow.

Aerial Photo showing parcel of land on which cemetery lies.
From Faircloth Road traveling north, this pen tip marks the northwest corner of the field.
After entering the property through the opening between two pecan trees on Hardaway road, This group of trees is where a home used to be. Circle around it.
The center of this photo is the NW corner of the field.
The center of this photo shows the opening in the woods.
The entry path to the cemetery shows light streaming through.
About 30 feet into the opening, you can see the cemetery, but just barely.
As you get closer, it looks worse.
Here are the fence and gate on the left side.
This is the pile of debris covering two stones completely.
These stones emerged from the debris after clearing.
This is the back view of R. W. Ferrell's and Birtha Tindel's stones.
This is the front side of R. W. Ferrell's and Birtha Tindel's stones.
Dennison, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Dennison.
Dennison, Isaac C., 22 Feb 1887 - 11 Dec 1926, A true husband and Loving Father
Dennison, Robert F., 14 Oct 1925 - 8 Jun 1928, Our Darling Baby is the light of our home
Dennison, Susie I., 15 Sept 1891 - 9 Jul 1965 Funeral home marker says Susie Irene
Ferrell, Elmira E., 18 Nov 1882 - 11 Mar 1942, Sweet memories of our Darling mother still live
Ferrell, C. B., 22 Feb 1859 - 21 Mar 1902, A friend to his country and a believer in Christ
Ferrell, R. W., 21 Aug 1885 - 22 Dec 1907 Back of stone: How much of light, How much of joy, buried with a darling boy
Tindel Birtha Estell Ferrell, 14 Apr 1888 - 6 Feb 1905, Our Darling Sister
Note: Six infant graves without any information on them.
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