Faircloth Cemetery

Surveyed by: Wayne Carpenter in February 2000. Originally typed by: Betty James Smith

Directions: From Chattahoochee, take Hwy 269 south for 4 miles. Turn left on Hardaway Road (paved) and go 6.2 miles.
On your right is a woods road. Walk about 1/4 mile and look for a path on your left. Take this path for about 200 feet to cemetery.
Note: This cemetery was destroyed, but years ago some family members fenced it in and put three markers there. The actual
number of graves is unknown. The land where this cemetery is located is owned by St Joe Paper Company and leased to a
hunting club.

Faircloth, Dempsey, In Memory Of, 18 Mar 1825 - 17 Apr 1897, Matthew 5:9

Edwards, George Walton, Ca. 1826, In God's Care

Edwards, Amanda, Ca. 1826, In God's Care

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