Cox Family Cemetery

Surveyed and photographed by Angela Cassidy May 20, 2007. Most of these are not the original stones.
The older graves have only the year for birth and death, indicating that the original markers, probably wooden,
weathered and rotted away, and the family was able to come up with only the years for birth and death when
restoring the cemetery.

Directions: Leave Quincy on Hwy 65 north, travel six miles. At the bottom of a hill just before Willacoochee
Creek, turn left onto Hwy. 65-A, go about 1 and 1/2 miles, cemetery beside the road on the right. Chain link
fence around it.

Landscape Views: Cox Cemetery Sign, Full View of Cemetery

Surname Given Birth Date Death Date Relationship Inscription
Barineau Ivan Dudley 1834 1865    
Cox Albert S. 1849 1917   Grandfather
Cox Bromm A. 1894 1904   Brother
Cox Bryanne B. 1896 1911   Brother
Cox Claddie 9-19-1883 10-22-1883  (d/s with Claudie Cox, twin)  
Cox Claudie 9-19-1883 10-16-1883  (d/s with Claddie Cox, twin)  
Cox Edward Jesse 2-9-1859 1-23-1938 d/s with Eulalia Cox  
Cox Eliza White 1846 1908   Grandmother
Cox Eulalia T. LAMBERT 10-5-1863 7-4-1947 d/s with Edward Jesse Cox  
Cox Florrie A. 1871 1908   Mother
Cox Infant 1892 1892    
Cox James E. 1857 GA 1912    
Cox James L. 1887 1902    
Cox Jesse 2-28-1901 8-8-1931    
Cox John Hardy 1848 1933   Father
Cox Mary Ann 1842 1862    
Cox Nancy Wilcox 1821 1900    
Cox Nora Ida 2-10-1875 8-30-1876 dau/of W. B. & M. E. Cox  
Cox Pierce B. 1886 1900    
Cox Rosa 1860 1946    
Cox Rufus 11-4-1887 4-23-1901    
Cox Walloughby Shackleford 1817 1898    
Lambert Homer E. 11-30-1873 12-8-1919    
Unknown         3 markers, no ID
Unknown         3 markers, no ID
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