Colson Cemetery

Originally surveyed October 29, 1999, by Wayne N. Carpenter. Surveyed and photographed by Donna Warlick on
November 23, 2010.

The Colson Cemetery is located on Hardaway Road (north side) in a string of 3 cemeteries, Colson being the
farthest west (toward Chattahoochee), Bonnie Hill in the center, and McAlpin the farthest east. They are almost at
the intersection of Hardaway Road and Lincoln Rd. There's no contact information for Colson Cemetery, but it
appears to be a family cemetery and still has new burials.


From Chattahoochee: Travel south on Bonnie Hill Road (Hwy 269). Go 4.1 miles to Hardaway Road (Hwy 268).
Turn left and go .7 mile. Cemetery is on the left side with the name on brick pillars (the first cemetery in a row of 3).

From Quincy: Take U.S. Hwy 90 west to Gretna, and turn left on Hardaway Road (Hwy 268). Go 10 or 12 miles
through nothing but farm land, and see the cemetery on the right, just before Lincoln Road comes in from the right.
It is the third on the right just before the church.

As in every cemetery index, if the surname is in burgundy font, that is one photo of the tombstone. If the
given name is also in color, that is a second photo of the tombstone as a closeup or of a military plaque.
Be sure to click on both.


Left to right, Colson's earliest graves: Sarah Ann Eliza Colson, John Colson, Olief Colson
Surname Given & MAIDEN Birth Death Relationship Notes
Bruce Rush (No date) (No date)   Age 5 Yrs
Carlson Jack W., Sr. 1922 1981   LCDR US Navy World War II Korea
Carlson Marie L. 10 June 1921 28 Dec 1994    
Colsom Ellen A. 25 May 1866 8 May 1903   Age 36 yrs. 11 mos 13 days
Colsom Frank M. 1892 1930    
Colson Frank M. 1 Aug 1847 6 Sept 1920    
Colson Capt. J. A. 25 Apr 1845 20 Mar 1893   In memory of my brother
Colson J. H. 10 July 1852 16 Jan 1891   God gave-He took-He will restore; He doeth all things well.
Colson John (No Date) Died 21 July 1832   Aged About 70 Years Native of North Carolina
Colson Oleif M. 15 Mar 1862 16 May 1891   Faithful to her trust Even unto death
Colson Olief (No Date) Died May 28 1831   Aged About 45 Years A native of Georgia
Colson Sarah Ann Eliza Born 14th March 1821 Died in June 1833   Aged 9 Years & 3 Mos.
Ferris Mike 4 Jul 1929 11 Aug 1996   TSGT US Air Force Korea - Vietnam
Ferris Sybil Lamb (blank) (blank) t/s with Ettie Margelyn Woodham and Mark Ashley Woodham  
Lamb Ettie Colson 3 Nov 1885 26 May 1945    
Lamb Frank O. 1 Nov 1912 22 Apr 1992   S SGT US Army World War II
Woodham Ettie Margelyn (No Date) (No Date) t/s wth Mark Ashley Woodham and Sybil Lamb Ferris  
Woodham Mark Ashley (No Date) (No Date) t/s with Ettie Margelyn Woodham and Sybil Lamb Ferris Son (of Ettie Margelyn Woodham) Born Jackson County
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