Cemeteries of Gadsden County

Updated February 24, 2014

The Mormon Tomb Index

The Gadsden County, Florida, Tomb Index was produced by Members of The Quincy Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The project was started in 1957 and completed on January 26, 1962.

The Mormon Tomb Index is very helpful in locating a person if you don't already know the cemetery in which the person is buried. It lists people by surname and has a code for the cemetery in which that person is buried. The code identifies the name of the cemetery. From there, you go to the list of cemeteries that have been indexed, click on the one you want, and search for the person. Although a person may show up in the Tomb Index, you will still want to go to the cemetery he/she is buried in to see additional notes on the person and find other family members buried there, also.

Gadsden County Cemeteries
Advant (maybe Avant?)Cemetery
Shown on 1999 Gadsden County Cemetery Survey as being abandoned with 3 graves. Location:
about 1 mile off Brickyard Rd. GPS: 30-29-252/084-27-404, Section 15, Township 4N, Range 3W
Antioch Church Cemetery, Wetumpka
Excerpted from The Mormon Tomb Index, burials listed only up through April 1957.
This cemetery has been re-surveyed and photographed in 2007, and work is
ongoing to get the photos and the rest of the graves since 1957 on this site.
Around The Bend Cemetery
Shown on 1999 Gadsden County Cemetery Survey as being abandoned with no markers. Location:
down L and M Lane off Hwy. 272. GPS: 30-39-400/084-36-410, Section 15, Township 4N, Range 3W
Barber Cemetery, Concord (African-American section)
Barber Cemetery, Concord (White Section)

Located on the Concord-Bainbridge Road about 2 miles north of the Concord community
crossroads and about one mile south of the Georgia State Line, on the east side of the road.
Bear Creek Cemetery
On Hwy. 65B, two miles from S.R. 267. GPS 30-29-774/084-39-157
Lot 54, Little River Survey
Beard Cemetery, Midway with tombstone photos
Bethel Cemetery, on Pine Grove Church Road
Updated survey March 2011 and tombstone photos
Black - Mosely Cemetery and Photos
Old Federal Road at junction with Bear Creek Rd., Wetumpka area
Bloomfield Cemetery near Hardaway
Located at end of Phillips Rd. off Hardaway Road (Hwy. 268). New index and tombstone photos.
GPS: 30-38-456/084-44-422, Section 21, Township 3N, Range 5W
Bonnie Hill Cemetery
Booth Cemetery
On top of hill off Dalton Rd., two miles down.
GPS 20-39-195/084-51-542, Section17, Township 3N, Range 6W
Brooks Cemetery, off Rowan Road, near Sycamore, with photos
Burns Cemetery (see Thompson-Burns Cemetery below)
Butler Cemetery, near Concord
Left side of the Cairo-Concord Road, going from Fairbanks Ferry Road, Concord
Butler Family Cemetery north of the Hinson community
GPS 30-32-582/084-23-133, section 36, township 3N, range 2W
Campground Cemetery, with photos
Located off High Bridge Road between Midway and Quincy just north of I-10.
GPS 30-32-582/084-23-133, Section 36, Township 3N, Range 2W
Approximately 100 graves, active African-American cemetery.
Charitable Pallbearers Cemetery below Quincy
New index and tombstone photos submitted by Andy Wright, photographed in spring 2013.
African-American cemetery located south of Shiloh Road and north of Holt Lane just below the I-10 interchange at Pat Thomas Parkway. GPS 30-31-805/084-34-297 Section 31, Township 2 North, Range 3 West
Colson Cemetery, Hardaway Road, immediately east of Lincoln Rd.
Tombstone photos added July 2011.
Concord Cemetery and Photos
Off of Fairbanks Ferry Road, Concord
Cook Infant
Shown on 1999 Gadsden County Cemetery Survey as being abandoned, with no graves showing, but
a Cook infant and a prisoner are supposed to be buried near this GPS location: 30-35-237/084-47-367.
Location: Off Philips Rd. off Hwy. 268 (appears on map to be within 1 mile of William Edwards Cemetery
in Section 21, Township 3N, Range 5W.
Cotton Cemetery
Shown on 1999 Gadsden County Cemetery Survey as being abandoned, with approximately
50 graves, old graveyard, probably slaves. Location: off Brickyard Road, south of Midway in
woods. GPS: 30-29-253/084-26-699, in Section 16, Township 2 North, Range 2 West.
Cox Family Cemetery, north of Quincy, with photos
Off Hwy 65, six miles north of Quincy
CSS Chattahoochee
To honor the memory of those killed in the explosion of the CSS Chattahoochee, May 27, 1863
Dixon graves
Shown on 1999 Gadsden County Cemetery Survey as being maintained, with two graves. Location: Hwy. 65 N.
on right side of road. GPS: 30-39-422/084-33-898, in Section 18, Township 3 North, Range 3 West.
Dogtown Road Unnamed African American Cemetery
Eastern Cemetery

This index is comprised of photographs taken by Angela Cassidy, Gadsden County GenWeb Coordinator, in 2006 and 2007, the Mormon Tomb Index for this cemetery, Wayne Carpenter's earlier index, and from memorials placed on www.findagrave.com. This is not a complete index, and more photographs will be taken within the next year to verify the names without photos. Feel free to e-mail me grave stone and people photos to add to this cemetery. I have a number of obituaries and people photos included with these names.

Edwards graves
Three miles east of Chattahoochee on U. S. Hwy. 90, in woods on north side of road,
about where the 4-lane highway ends. Section 36, Township 4 North, Range 6 West.
Edwards, William, Cemetery, Sawdust, with photos
The descendants and relatives of William and Honora Darby Edwards. This cemetery
is located at the end of Primrose Lane off of Hwy. 65 south of S.R. 12, west of Quincy
Fain Hill graveyard
Shown on 1999 Gadsden County Cemetery Survey as having approximately four graves that are maintained.
Location by STR and road directions do not match. Hwy 267 does not go through or near Section 29, but this
is what the survey says: On Hwy 267 three miles out. GPS: 30-36-779/084-35-443, in Section 29, Township
3 North, Range 4 West
Faircloth Cemetery in woods south of Hardaway Road opposite McMillian Road.
Three memorial stones photographed March 2011.
Ferrell Cemetery
in woods at back side of a field off Hardaway Road, immediately east of Atwater Road.

GPS: 30-38-770/084-46-180, Section 19, township 3 North, Range 5 West
Tombstone photos have been added.
First Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
1030 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Quincy, FL 32333. Photos of the church and
some landscape views of the cemetery. This cemetery has not been indexed yet.
Flake Cemetery
Flat Creek Cemetery
This cemetery was photographed in 2006, and the photos
are finally on, as well as an alphabetical index of names.
Florida State Hospital Cemeteries
These cemeteries are located on the Florida State Hospital GenWeb page.
Friendship Cemetery on Bostick Road, Quincy with photos.
[See Old Friendship Cemetery farther down for the one at Wetumpka.]
Gilcrease Cemetery, near Gretna (also see Smith Cemetery)
Gee Family Cemetery, outside of Quincy, with photos
At the end of Moore Road off of High Bridge Road southeast of Quincy and west out of Midway.
Gilean Cemetery
Greensboro Community Cemetery
New Survey on December 27, 2008. Updated and new photos added March 27, 2011.
Greenshade Cemetery
On 1999 Gadsden County Cemetery Survey. Approximately 500 graves, 80% abandoned.
Location: Hwy. 159 (Dogtown Rd.) about 1.5 miles below the Georgia State Line.
GPS: 30-40-846/084-30-194, Section 2, Township 3 North, Range 3 West
Hopewell AME Cemetery, China Hill Community, near Havana
Photos March 21, 2009 of church and cemetery. No tombstone photos. Survey from year 2000.
Gregory, Jason, Cemetery, Quincy, with photos
Off of Harbin Road, Quincy.
Gregory, Jesse, Cemetery
Gunn Cemetery, Sawdust Community
Hand Cemetery
Land purchased by Billy Register and cemetery renamed Magnolia Hill (below).
Hardaway Assembly of God Church Cemetery, on north side of Hardaway Road
Tombstone photos have been taken and will be added as soon as possible.
Hillcrest Cemetery, Quincy
Excerpted from The Mormon Tomb Index, burials only up through April 28, 1957
Hinson Cemetery, Hinson Community, with photos
Bartlett Hinson Cemetery, known in early years as the Laing/Lang Cemetery
, on Bell Road off of Concord-Bainbridge Road outside of Concord. Includes photos.
Hinson-Woodbery Cemetery, Dogtown Community, with photos
Hopewell AME Cemetery
The Laing/Lang Cemetery, now called the Bartlett Hinson Cemetery,
on Bell Road off of Concord-Bainbridge Road outside of Concord. Includes photos.
Love, Alexander "Sandy", Cemetery
Love, John C., Cemetery, Quincy, and Photos
Magnolia Hill Cemetery
Formerly named the Hand Cemetery and recorded as such in Barbara Boynton's book "Seven Eastern Gadsden
County Cemeteries with Genealogical Information." Land was purchased by Billy Register and the cemetery was
renamed Magnolia Hill. Off Clinton Road, north of Concord community. Called the Hand-Register Cemetery on
1999 Gadsden County Cemetery Survey, which says approximately 10 graves. Only three stones are there now.
GPS: 30-40-408/084-22-179. Section 8, Township 3 North, Range 1 West.
Marlin and Gause Cemetery, on Boykin Road, which is off of Pine Grove Church Road.
Tombstone Photos added March 2011.
McAlpin Cemetery, near Chattahoochee, on Hardaway Road
immediately east of Lincoln Rd. Tombstone photos added July 2011.
McLaughlin Cemetery
Mt. Glory Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery
Updated January 10, 2009, with new entries and photos added. North of Quincy almost at the Georgia State Line
Mt. Pilgrim Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, with photos
4730 High Bridge Road near junction with Old Federal Road
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
This is updated (February 2011) from Wayne Carpenter's Year 2000 index, but it still does not have all of the new burials. It's a work in progress.
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery. Updated January 25, 2009 with church photos
North of Quincy almost at the Georgia State Line
McMillian Cemetery
Nicholson - Freeman Cemetery, near Havana
Oak Grove Cemetery, near Mt. Pleasant
Old Friendship Cemetery, Wetumpka with photos
Old Midway Cemetery, no location information
Old Philadelphia Church Cemetery, north of Quincy on the west side of Hwy. 65
I've had this index since I got the web site in 2006, but I couldn't use the format, and I put it on the back burner. However, finally it's done January 30, 2011. It's only up through 2001 when Wayne Carpenter surveyed it. I may update it this summer. Lots of old Quincy names here.
Owens Cemetery, Dogtown Community
Parramore, William H., Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
West of Greensboro. This is a partial index based upon photos taken in 2007. Photos of tombstones included. Could use a volunteer to finish photographing this cemetery.
Piney Grove Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Rich Bay, near Havana
5775 Iron Bridge Road. Active African-American cemetery with approximately 100 graves.
Pittman Cemetery near Lake Talquin
Providence Baptist Church Cemetery, on Providence Road near Greensboro
Active white cemetery, maintained. Surveyed in 2003 and updated in 2005 by Gladys Rowan and Wilbur Smith and typed and uploaded May 2011. A few tombstone and people photos.
Poley Branch or Popular Branch Cemetery
This cemetery is located beside Fellowship Assembly of God Church
on State Road 12 west of Greensboro at the Liberty County line.
The cemetery was photographed on April 15, 2007.
Rosedale Cemetery, west of Hardaway near Chattahoochee
White portion only transcribed in Mormon Tomb Index.
Salem Cemetery, near Havana, with photos
Scott Family Cemetery, located at Scotdale
Second Elizabeth M. B. Church Cemetery
Located on Hwy. 270 at the intersection with Hwy. 65 north of Quincy
GPS 30-38-186/084-34-533, Section 19, Township 3 North, Range 3 West
Shelfer Cemetery, near Havana, white section, with some photos
Shelfer Cemetery, near Havana, black section, with photos
Shepard Cemetery, off Hardaway Road
Surveyed March 27, 2011, tombstone photos and map added.
Siloam Cemetery, west of Quincy
This is a white cemetery on private propery and no longer active.
It needs protection badly. Names excerpted from the Mormon Tomb Index and from photos taken spring 2013.
Smith Cemetery off Frances Kelly Road, east of Quincy
Active African-American cemetery, neglected.
Smith, Archibald, Cemetery
Smith, John "Virginia", Cemetery
Smyrna Cemetery on Hardaway Road, just west of Lincoln Rd.
Has Confederate veterans graves. Tombstone photos have been taken and some are online now.
St. James Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
St. James Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Scotland
This is a link to the Jackson County GenWeb site on which this index was found.
St. John A.M.E. Church Cemetery near Midway
St. John A.M.E. Church Cemetery north of Quincy on Bainbridge Highway.
This cemetery is only 2/3 photographed, and the photos are dated 2011.
St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Sawdust, with photos
Sunny Dell Cemetery, two miles east of Gretna
Tombstone photos have been uploaded August 1, 2011.
Sunnyvale Cemetery in Quincy city limits
Active, very large, public, African-American cemetery on S. Stewart Street. Partially photographed and indexed.
Sycamore Cemetery, Sycamore Community
Tombstone photos have been taken of the older part and will be added to this site as soon as possible.
Taylor Cemetery
1.2 mi. off Hwy 159 about 1 mi. north of Dogtown on farm of a Mr. Luten
Thompson-Burns Cemetery, Concord, with photos
Shown on maps as Thompson Cemetery, locally known as the Thompson-Burns Cemetery
Located off of McNair Road between Hwy. 27 north of Havana and Fairbanks Ferry Road, Concord
Turner Cemetery, near Mt. Pleasant
This is a link to the Jackson County GenWeb site on which this index was found.
This is an African American cemetery that has been destroyed by farming.
UBA Cemetery, Chattahoochee
Vickers Cemetery, Concord
Private family cemetery on Fairbanks Ferry Road 3 miles east of Havana, 2 miles west of Concord. Has tombstone photos, some obituaries, and some photos of people buried there.
Werthington/Weathington Family Cemetery, Providence
Private family cemetery off Juniper Road. Photographed in November 2010. Tombstone photos added July 2011.
Western Cemetery, in Quincy city limits
One block off E. King Street, behind building at 500 W. King Street, owned by City of Quincy
Photographed December 28, 2008, New Index and tombstone photos
Whittle Cemetery, NW of Greensboro and south of Chattahoochee
Private family cemetery. New survey in 2010 and tombstone photos added July 2011.
Williams Cemetery, on Short Street in Quincy
Private African-American cemetery. Tried to photograph it once, but it was too overgrown.
Woodberry Cemetery, Dogtown
On 1999 Gadsden County Cemetery Survey as Hines-Woodberry Cemetery. On maps, it is Woodberry.
Located at Dogtown on the left side of Hwy. 161 about 1/4 mile before the intersection with Hwy. 168.
GPS: 30-39-122/084-29-086. Section 13, Township 3 North, Range 3 West
Woodbery-Womack Cemetery, near Old Salem
On maps it is still called Johnston Cemetery, but the name has been changed to Woodbery-Womack Cemetery.
Woodland Cemetery, Havana, with photos, large cemetery owned by the Town of Havana.
Indexed through 2010 with tombstone photos.
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