Campground Cemetery

Cemetery and tombstone photos by Angela Boynton Cassidy and Donna Warlick, July 2009. Only a few photos
were taken on this date. It was actually a search and find trip, just trying to locate the cemetery. We had been to others
already, and we were too worn out to photograph the entire cemetery. The grave stones below are just the ones that
did not require a lot of flower and debris removal nor cleaning. We will go back and photograph the remainder on a
cooler day when we have washing materials.

Directions: From U.S. Hwy. 90 in Midway, turn south on Martin Luther King Blvd. (at the Midway City Hall). Turn
right on High Bridge Road. Continue just past the intersection with Old Federal Road, cross Interstate 10, and the
cemetery is down a dirt road on the right. The entrance is just east of 3693 High Bridge Road. The cemetery is far
back from the road, so you have to peer down the road to see the graves. Graves are located along the entrance road.
There are over 100 graves here. The cemetery is active and maintained. From the names on the funeral home markers,
it appears to be primarily an African-American cemetery.

Cemetery Photos
Entrance to Cemetery
Road that goes through the cemetery
Graves left of the road
Graves right of the road
Surname Given Name Birth Date Death Date Notes
AKINS Leroy, Jr. 1950 1974  
ARMSTEAD Henry 1886 1951  
BATTLES Riney 12-21-1873 12-22-1956  
BELL Wesley, Jr. 3-17-1916 1-9-1960 Pvt, 31 Service Unit, World War II
BRADY Arliver 5-15-1928 6-20-2009  
BRADY Robert 3-9-1919 1-20-1986 TEC 5 US Army World War II
BRYANT Daricka Malone 12-6-1957 11-11-1997 Sgt US Army
CHANDLER Henry 8-27-1898 2-20-1961 Pvt 403 Res Labor Bn QMC World War I
CLEMONS Leona 1921 2008  
COLLINS Annie Pearl 6-30-1951 6-28-2003 Loving Mother
COLLINS Louella 11-9-1939 4-13-2008 Loving Mother and Grandmother
COX Sallie 2-26-1901 12-30-1982  
EUTSEY Ruben L. 10-30-1950 10-2-2006 SP4 US Army
EVERETT Curtis 4-27-1943 11-12-1998  
GEE David Lee, Jr. 8-11-1949 9-3-1995  
GEE James Henry 3-16-1938 6-4-1968 Florida, SP4, US Army
GEE Solomon 12-25-1925 9-10-1949 Florida, PFC, 71 Field Arty Bn, World War II
GIBSON Sonya M. 10-24-1972 9-27-2008  
HOPKINS Anthony J. 10-7-1964 8-27-2006 Sgt US Army
JENKINS Derick Dion 7-8-1977 4-15-2000  
JOHNSON Earlene W. 9-17-1957 5-30-2000  
JOHNSON Lula 9-6-1915 4-2-1976  
JOHNSON Rhudine 4-16-1941 11-4-2005  
JOYNER Charity 11-2-1915 1-8-1977  
LINEAR Jannie 8-12-1894 11-30-1933  
LITTLE Lucious, Jr. 3-9-1937 2-28-1999 Beloved Companion, Father, Grandfather and Brother
MARCH Otha, Jr. 7-3-1941 6-18-1975  
McPAUL Mary Robinson 2-28-1928 8-26-2001 From your loving husband and family
McPHAUL Bessie 12-25-1926 7-4-1958  
McPHAUL John, Sr. 3-22-1895 7-10-1969  
McPHAUL Mollie Armstead 8-15-1900 1-4-2001  
McPHAUL Solomon, Sr. 2-9-1931 8-29-2006  
MITCHELL Mary 10-31-1909 6-20-2004 Mother
MITCHELL Roosevelt 6-13-1947 9-19-1987 Sgt US Army Vietnam
MITCHELL Wallace, Sr. 5-12-1925 6-13-2001  
MOORE Clifford 7-29-1910 2-20-1997  
MOORE Harry 3-12-1886 11-12-1969  
MOORE William DuPont 12-20-1926 10-4-1982 US Marine Corps World War II
POPE Alige T. 3-8-1919 1-18-1973  
RANDOLPH Alice Connally 11-6-1899 1-29-1983  
ROBINSON Eva M. 10-8-1903 6-2-1976  
ROBINSON James 10-26-1905 6-5-1991  
WALTON Mattie 8-24-1895 4-30-1955  
WIGGS Inez J. 1-30-1932 9-8-1994 Daughter, Sister & Aunt
WIGGS James L. 9-12-1933 11-28-1981 AB US Air Force Korea
WILLIAMS Badia no date no date  
WILLIAMS Onterious Reshard 1-19-1990 6-4-1990 In God's Care
WILLIAMS Rayfield 1-29-1912 12-29-1999 Husband
WILLIAMS Richard C. 3-6-1929 3-2-1986 Sgt US Army
WILSON Janet M. 1-29-1940 4-28-2009  
YANT Hattie B. 8-12-1918 1-20-2004  
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