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Butler Cemetery, Concord, Florida

This cemetery was photographed by Angela Boynton Cassidy in August 2007. The index was compiled by
Angela Cassidy and notes in parentheses are from her personal knowledge and research.

Directions: From U. S. Hwy. 27 in Havana, go north and turn right on 5th Ave. (S.R. 12). After the City Limits, S.R. 12
is called Fairbanks Ferry Road. Continue on it about 4 miles and pass the Concord crossroads (intersection with Concord
Road) . Proceed east on Fairbanks Ferry Road about 3-4 miles and turn left on Cairo-Concord Road. The Butler
Cemetery is several miles north on the left side just before the Georgia State Line. It is slightly set back from the road,
but the stones are very white, and the cemetery is very bright and open, so it is easy to see.

There are a number of obelisks in this cemetery, where one photo is a full view, and another is a closeup view of the
text. If there is only one photo, only the surname will be in color in the table below, but if there is a second photo, the given
name will also be in color.

Some landscape views of the Cemetery: View 1, View 2

Surname Given Birth Date Death Date Relationship Epitaphs
BELL Gertrude 8-26-1901 9-11-1902 (d/o John Larkin and Maggie Bell)  
BELL John Larkin 12-21-1856 11-17-1908 d/s Maggie Butler  
BELL (Mary Margaret) Maggie Butler 4-22-1868 10-21-1939 d/s John Larkin (dau/of Lewis Fennell Butler and Mary Ann Moore)  
BUTLER Betty Sue 3-23-1943 6-5-1978 wife of Claude Hardy Butler, dau/of Woodrow and Lois Vickers Lowe MOTHER
BUTLER Little Bud 11-31-1884 8-19-1885 Son of L. F. & M. A. Butler  
BUTLER C. H. 11-19-1841 5-21-1921 (h/o Mary Kersey Butler) FATHER. He welcomed death, not only as a release from bodily suffering, but as the fruition of his hopes of eternal happiness
BUTLER Claude Hardy 8-26-1936 4-1-2006 husb/of Betty Sue Butler FATHER
BUTLER Edwin Ira 7-17-1904 1-26-1988 Son of Ira and Alice Butler  
BUTLER Gladys Ann 8-31-1908 12-13-1985 Son of Ira and Alice Butler  
BUTLER Hattie E. 2-6-1883 12-3-1919 Wife of W. H. Butler  
BUTLER Infant Daughter (no date) (no date) Child of L. E. and Laura Butler  
BUTLER Infant Daughter 7-13-1906 7-13-1906 Infant Daughter of W. H. and Hattie Butler  
BUTLER Infant Daughter 1-12-1910 1-12-1910 Infant Daughter of W. H. and Hattie Butler Another little angel before the heavenly Throne
BUTLER Infant Sons (2) (no date) (no date) Children of L. E. and Laura Butler  
BUTLER Ira 4-24-1876 1-27-1944 Son of C. H. & Mary Butler  
BUTLER Jacob (Memory Stone only) 1812 1853 Married 2-11-1835 to Mary Jane Herring Pioneers to the "North Carolina Settlement" (Calvary) from Sampson, NC 1834. Buried Dist. 19 LL 391.
BUTLER John Edwin 2-15-1948 6-30-1979 Son of E. I. and Margaret Butler  
BUTLER L. F. (Leonard Fennell) 12-16-1843 12-11-1922 [h/o 1) Mary Ann Moore, 2) Amanda Spooner; s/o Jacob C. Butler and Mary Jane Herring]  
BUTLER Leonard E. 2-19-1896 7-2-1973 (s/o Lewis Edgar and Sue Butler) U.S. ARMY (Letters home during the War published in the Gadsden County Times: 12-28-1918
BUTLER Leonard E., Jr. 1-15-1930 9-17-1997 (1st husband of Margaret Miller, husband of 2) Margaret Whittle and 3) Agnes Smith) (called "Bud") To his children he was a loving father, To all he was a friend who greeted each with a warm smile and a sense of humor.
BUTLER Leonard Sanders 2-19-1896 7-2-1973 d/s Margaret Bell I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith
BUTLER L. Lewis 11-7-1924 9-29-1940 (s/o Leonard and Margaret Bell Butler, killed by a horse kick in the head)  
BUTLER Lewis Edgar 9-7-1871 7-3-1946 d/s Sue (s/o L. F. and Mary Ann More Butler)  
BUTLER Lucian 1840 1863 (s/o Jacob and Mary Jane Butler) Pvt., Co. F, 50 GA REGT, CSA, Died at Gettysburg
BUTLER Margaret Bell 9-8-1902 3-13-1991 d/s Leonard S. Butler (d/o Charles Walter and Ethel Harris Bell) But now abide faith, hope, love, these three, but the greatest is love
BUTLER Mary (KERSEY) 7-18-1844 1-14-1929 (w/o C. H. Butler)  
BUTLER Mary A. 11-14-1843 8-4-1904 (Mary Ann Moore, 1st wife of L. F. Butler) Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God
BUTLER Mary Jane Herring (Memory Stone only) 1808 1893 Married 2-11-1835 to Jacob Butler Pioneers to the "North Carolina Settlement" (Calvary) from Sampson, NC 1834. Buried Dist. 19 LL 391.
BUTLER Sue (REEVES) 9-6-1879 6-16-1971 (w/o Lewis Edgar Butler, d/o Henry L. S. Reeves and Margaret Alice Taylor)  
BUTLER W. H. (Wyatt Homer) 2-14-1876 1-26-1918 (h/o Hattie E. Butler, s/o Lewis Fennell Butler and Mary Ann Moore)  
BUTLER W. R., Dr. 7-19-1878 12-11-1912    
BUTLER William 11-30-1914 7-26-1916 (s/o William Gaither Butler and Coreem "Tot" Bell) Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven
SHELFER Joseph Edward 10-17-1863 5-27-1943 (Husb/of Lula L. Butler, Son of Wiley Wallace Shelfer & Martha Wells Speer)  
SHELFER Lula L. 9-30-1866 6-14-1953 (Lula Butler, Wife of Joseph Edward Shelfer)  
SHELFER Virginia S. Wood 8-3-1909 4-21-1930 Wife of C. O. Shelfer (1st wife of Clayton Oliver Shelfer, died childless)
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