Brooks Cemetery, near Sycamore

This is an African-American cemetery surveyed by Angela Cassidy and Donna Warlick on November 13, 2010.
It was previously surveyed on August 31, 2000, by Wayne N. Carpenter and Betty J. Smith, and it was their excellent
directions that got us there. Many thanks to Wayne and Betty for blazing the trail. From Chattahoochee take Hwy
269 South (Little Sycamore Road) and go 7.5 miles south to Rowan Road and turn right onto it. Go 7/10 mile and
turn left onto a trail through the woods directly opposite from the intersection of Rowan Road and Hovey Smith Road.
Go just over 1/10th mile and turn right on another trail, then go 1/10th mile and the trail stops at the cemetery gates.
The cemetery is about two acres in size; very little of it is used, and it is very well maintained.

Landscape Photos:
Back right of cemetery to front left
Back right of cemetery to front right

Surname      Given      MAIDEN Name      Birth Date      Death Date      Notes

AKINS, Amanda, born 5-23-1906, died 2-22-1956

BOUIE, Robert , born 11-6-1953, died 9-28-1975. SPC US Army Vietnam

BOUIE, Willie, Sr., born 1-28-1951, died 2-18-1984

BROOKS, A. Thomas, born 8-28-1872, died 10-24-1951, d/s Sallie G - Faithful to their trust even unto death.

BROOKS, Dora E., born 12-08-1906, died 12-23-1977

BROOKS, Elbridge G., born 9-30-1898, died 10-03-1998, d/s Irene F.
I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.

BROOKS, Irene F., born 9-3-1896, died 1-7-1969. d/s Elbridge G. There shall be no more death,sorrow, crying nor pain, former things are passed away.

BROOKS, Juanita L., born 2-9-1922, died 14-27-2000, d/s Everett W. - Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

BROOKS, Sallie G., born 4-12-1876, died 2-20-1953, d/s A. Thomas Brooks

BROOKS, Thomas, Jr., born 11-19-1900, died 8-12-1998

BROOKSHIRE, W. F. born 8-28-1866, died 10-11-1945 [Either missed this stone in photographing or it is the one marked UNKNOWN that no text could be seen on.]

FLEMING, Shan Jasper, born 10-9-1965, died 12-5-2005, There is a life above, and all that life is love

FRANCIS, Bankey Mae Rawls, born 8-5-1938, died 4-30-2008, Beloved Mother, Grandmother and Aunt

JONES, Rev. Edward, born 5-25-1925, died 1-17-2006, Beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather

MINCEY, Dock, born 1-3-1903, died 7-6-1968, d/s Minola Brooks Mincey - Rest in Peace

MINCEY, Minola Brooks, born 8-21-1908, died 1-31-1999, d/s Dock Mincey - Rest in Peace

MURRAY, John Louis, born 8-28-1910, died -7-4-1959. Gone but not forgotten. Double stone formerly had Ethel Wiggins on the other side, but name has now been plastered over.

POWELL, Tamear, born 1865, died 1963 [A new blank stone is beside this one, waiting for inscription.]

RAWLS, Hurlie, born 9-29-1905, died 4-81978

RAWLS, Ralph, born 8-11-1902, died 8-27-1984

ROBINSON, Randal Jerome, born 1-15-1957, died 3-16-1959. How much of light, How much of joy, Is buried with our darling boy.

SMOAK, Sheryl Lynn, born 1-13-1960, died 10-26-2000 - My weary soul rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord

THOMAS, Herogious Rawls, born 1904, died 1993. Our beloved Aunt

TRAPP, Mabel Elease Walker, born 7-15-1919, died 2-23-2007 - Beloved Sister and Aunt

Unknown female (judging by pink rose in vase)

WALKER, Hattie Powell, born 3-12-1896, died 3-4-2000 - Beloved Mother, Grandmother and Aunt

WALKER, William, born 1884, died 1956

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