Black-Moseley Cemetery

Originally surveyed March 2000 by Wayne N. Carpenter. Surveyed and photographed by Angela Cassidy March 16,
2007. Found F. F. Wynn missing from original survey, and one new stone, Wollschlager, dated 2005. Photos have been
added. If the surname is in color, it's a link to a photo of the tombstone. If the given name is also in color, there is a
second photo of the stone or of a military stone or grouping of stones. The cemetery is maintained, although it has not
been mowed all winter. The stone of Benjamin Smith is broken and leaning against a tree. With the thick, dead grass,
it was impossible to locate the base of the stone to know where it came from.

Directions: Leave Quincy on Hwy 267 south, now called Pat Thomas Parkway. From Interstate 10, exit at Hwy. 267
and go south. At Wetumpka, turn left on Old Federal Road (Hwy 65-B). Travel 1.6 miles and the cemetery is on the left .
2 miles past the 90 degree left turn. It is directly across from the junction with Bear Creek Road.

Landscape Views: Black Mosley Sign, The Moseley Clark Stanfill section sign, Moseley Clark Stanfill section,
Landscape View, Area Dedicated to the Families of James and Neil Black

Surname Given Birth Date Death Date Relationship Inscription
BLACK 8 small markers, no names no dates no dates In Loving Memory Dedicated to the Families of James & Neil Black
BLACK Joseph Ray 2 Nov 1914 8 Jun 1997   SGT US Army Air Force WW II
BROCKMAN John 17 Jan 1837 (Family Bible says abt. 1872) (2nd husb/of Mildred Augusta MOSELEY King Brockman McDearmid) (Family Research of Emily Priest Brockman attests he is buried here.)
CLARK Edgar Eugene (Gillie) 19 Aug 1911 15 Jul 1985 h/o Edna Marvin Stanfield (note: name spelling changed)
CLARK Edna Marvin (Nana) STANFILL 17 Aug 1916 17 Feb 1990    
HOWARD Emily Tong 23 Sep 1809 9 Aug 1875   born in Nelson Co KY
HOWARD Jno. G. 4 Nov 1804 15 Dec 1865   born in Essex Co VA
HOWARD Sarah A. BLACK 6 Apr 1844 8 Jul 1875 w/o J. T. Howard  
HOWARD Zerelda 25 Oct 1829 15 Sep 1866 d/o Jno G & E T Howard  
KING (no marker) Richard Corin 1825 GA 18 Feb 1866 h/o Mildred Augusta Moseley (Died of TB)
LANDERS Edna Earle MOSELEY 1889 (2-16-1889) 1939 (6-19-1939) w/o Otis F. Landers (who is buried in Jacksonville, FL, d/o George Allen Moseley and Annie Laura HOPKINS) (Info based upon research of Emily Priest Brockman)
MOSELEY (no marker) Alexander M. 24 Aug 1820 1879 h/o Helen C. Rouse  
MOSELEY Annie L. (Mrs.) 1868 (9-6-1868, GA) 1915 (8-8-1915) (Annie Laura HOPKINS, w/o George Allen Moseley, d/o John H. Hopkins and Julia SWEET) (
MOSELEY Claude A. 1896 1917 (Son of Alexander and Helen ROUSE Moseley, killed) (Information based upon research of Emily Priest Brockman)
MOSELEY George Allen 1857(9-11-1857) 1935 (s/o Alexander and Helen Rouse Moseley, husb/of Annie Laura HOPKINS) (Information based upon research of Emily Priest Brockman)
MOSELEY Helen C. ROUSE 23 Feb 1828 17 Mar 1872 w/o A M Moseley & d/o Henry & Nancy Rouse born in NC and died Gadsden Co FL
MOSELEY John C. 26 May 1859 6 Feb 1863 s/o A. M. & Helen C. Moseley  
PARRAMORE Alney M. 14 Apr 1927 22 Apr 1950 h/o Edna W Parramore  
PARRAMORE Edna W. 26 Jan 1927 12 Oct 1998 Married 22 Apr 1950, w/o Alney M Parramore  
SMITH Benjamin F. 11 Aug 1831 21 Oct 1834 broken stone leaning against tree To the memory of
STANFILL Marvin C. 1889 1933    
STANFILL Robbie V. MOSELEY 1890 1980 (Robbie Virginia, w/o Marvin C. Stanfill, d/o George Allen Mosely and Annie Laura Hopkins, gr-dau/or Alexander Moseley and Helen Rouse. (m/o Edna Marvin Stanfill and Robert James Stanfill)
STANFILL Robert James 30 Jul 1918 14 Aug 1942 (son of Marvin C. Stanfill and Robbie Virginia MOSELEY) SGT US Marine Corps WWII, Lost in action at Guadalcanal
WOLLSCHLAGER Robbie Georgianna Clark 21 Dec 1938 9 Jan 2005    
WYNN Della 22 May 1876 20 Mar 1916 w/o T. J .Wynn Sheltered and safe from sorrows
WYNN Ervin F., Sr. 12 Apr 1912 2 Aug 1991   PFC US Navy WW II
WYNN F. F. 7 Jun 1841 16 Apr 1920   (Fields Wynn, husb/of Rachel E. MOSELEY)
WYNN Gertrude 20 Oct 1885 8 Dec 1904 d/o F. F. & R. E. Wynn Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep
WYNN Jewell B 1913 1998   funeral home marker only
WYNN Mabel 11 Jun 1892 10 May 1907 d/o F. F. & R. E. Wynn A loved one from us has gone, a voice we loved is stilled, a place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.
WYNN Rachel MOSELEY 28 Dec 1854 17 Oct 1903 w/o Fields Wynn (dau/of Alexander and Helen Rouse Moseley) He giveth her beloved sleep
WYNN (no marker) Tom J. 22 May 1876 20 Mar 1916 (s/o Fields and Rachel MOSELEY Wynn, husband of 1) Della Gatlin and 2) Cora Jackson) (Research by Emily Priest Brockman attests to his burial here.)
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