Benjamin Hill Walsh and Zudie Mae Bass Family Bible

Submitted by Angela Boynton Cassidy

Note: Benjamin Hill Walsh was the son of George A. Walsh and Tommie Connell Walsh. He was a painter by occupation.
Zudie's parents were Charles J. Bass and Evella Ninora Rogers Bass. Ben and Zudie lived in the Concord area most of
their lives. Ben and Zudie are buried in the Concord Cemetery, along with their children, Guy Council Walsh, Ethel
Marie Walsh and husband Henry Dalton, and Ray Kermit Walsh and his wife Zulaine Gray Walsh.


Bennie Hill Walsh and Zudie May Bass was married March 2, 1902

The Children Marriages

Lloyd H. Busby and Ollie Mae Walsh was married April 16, 1927

George Patrick Walsh and Mattie Belle Stone was married August 27, 1927

Robert Lee Davis and Alice Lee Walsh was married January 28, 1928

W. Henry Dalton and Ethel Marie Walsh was married July 15, 1931

Billy Gene Walsh was married Myra Frances Burke 8/5/61


Billy Gene Walsh Sept 8, 1938

Guy Counsel Walsh was borned December 30, 1902

George Patrick Walsh was borned June 9, 1904 [Donna has July]

Bennie Jason Walsh was borned April 20, 1906

Ollie May Walsh was borned December 15, 1907

Alice Lee Walsh was borned February 3, 1911

Ethel Marie Walsh was borned August 25, 1913

Ray Kermit Walsh was borned July 24, 1916

Zudie Ben Ruth Walsh was borned February 26, 1925


Bennie Jason Walsh Died September 3, 1906, age four month and two week old.

Zudie Mae Walsh, wife of B. H. Walsh, Died Dec. 2, 1937, about 15 minutes to 12 o?clock in the Day. With Pneumonia Age 55 years old.

Bennie Hill Walsh Husband of Zudie Mae Walsh Died May 17, 1966 Age 83 years old.

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