Barber Cemetery

Submitted by: Angela Boynton Cassidy

The Barber Cemetery is a community cemetery located on Hwy. 157, Concord-Bainbridge Road, about 2 miles north of the crossroads of Fairbanks Ferry Road and Concord-Bainbridge Road in the community of Concord, Florida.  It is about 1.5 miles south of the George-Florida state line. It is on the east side of Concord-Bainbridge Road.  It is managed by a board of Trustees, one of whom is Mrs. Pace (Mary Peavy) Allen, Tallahassee, FL.

At one time, this cemetery had a fence separating the graves of white people and black people, but that has been taken down.  The 1830 Gadsden Census records show Elias Whiddon, Sr., with two adults, three children, and two slaves, and there were probably a few other slaves on these early farms.  The first black people buried there were slaves.  In the past a lot of the black people called this "The Nunan Cemetery", probably based upon William Nunan who was buried there in 1873.  It is not known when the cemetery became known as "The Barber Cemetery."  The Barbers were among the first white people buried there.

This index covers only the white section of the cemetery, as the recorder, Barbara Boynton, was looking for her own ancestors, who were white.

The earliest tombstone marker left in the white section is that of Margaret Hendry 1872.  Her husband, Alexander Hendry, died in 1855, and it is believed he is buried beside her.  Elizabeth Whiddon Barber, first wife of Jordan Barber, Sr., was deceased by 1857, and is believed to be buried there.  Many of the graves are unmarked because the wooden markers have long since rotted away.   This cemetery has several vault type monuments, bricked up a foot high, which is unusual for the Concord area.

Information on people in this cemetery was compiled by Barbara Boynton and prepared by Angela Boynton Cassidy.  Most of the genealogical information comes from Barbara Boynton's research for her book "Seven Eastern Gadsden County Cemeteries with Genealogical Information."  The identity of people in unmarked graves was obtained through interviews with family members.  This index is up-to-date through June 17, 2004.

Submitter and contact person for genealogical purposes is: Angela Cassidy, Tallahassee, FL.  (E-mail:  Angela Cassidy has an extensive photo collection of early Concord residents and has photos of persons whose names are in ALL CAPS.  She would be glad to share photos by e-mail. In return, she would appreciate receiving photos of people for whom she does not have photos.

This information was compiled by Barbara Boynton in research for her book "Seven Eastern Gadsden County Cemeteries, with Genealogical Information," published in 1999.  Angela Cassidy, her daughter, is her publisher, and has permission to post this information to the Gadsden County Genweb site, since the books are not in print anymore.  Names with "unmarked" beside them indicate that Barbara Boynton believes that person to be buried there based upon interviews with family members.

Barber Cemetery Index, White Section
Name, tombstone information, then other information provided by Barbara Boynton.

Barber, Eliza Amelia, (unmarked), b. 07-24-1855.  Gadsden Co. Will Book D, p. 53, Eliza A. Barber, 1-30-1932 (indicating she died before this date).  Married 1-1-1879, Gadsden Co.  Daughter of William C. and Elizabeth Alderman Mills, first wife of William Barber.

Barber, Elizabeth Whiddon (unmarked), d. by 1857, m. 6-10-1834, Decatur Co., GA.  First wife of Jordan Barber, Sr.

Barber, Florida Ann Mills (unmarked), b. 04-01-1842.  Birth date derived from Historical and Genealogical Collections of Dooley Co., GA, Vol. 3, Watts and Nora Powell.  M. 1-7-1862, Gadsden Co., FL.  Daughter of William C. and Elizabeth Alderman Mills, 2nd wife of William Barber.

Barber, G. W., b. 1800, d. Nov. 3, 1843. "Our Darling" [This is the first monument of George Washington Barber, according to family members, and it was not removed when the new one of George and Sophia was installed. Why it says "Our Darling" like a child's stone, is unknown.]

BARBER, GEORGE, b. 04-03-1852, d. 11-03-1895, m. 10-9-1873, Gadsden Co, FL.  George Washington Barber, son of Jordan Barber, Sr.  Husband of Sophia Whiddon Poppell.

Barber, John Whiddon, Masonic Emblem, b. 1837, d. 1895, 1870 Gadsden Co. Census: John b. 1839 FL.  Son of Jordan Barber, Sr. and Elizabeth Whiddon Barber, husband of Martha E. Moore.

Barber, Jordan, b. 12-12-1850, d. 10-29-1909, m. 1877.  Son of Jordan Barber, Sr., husband of Orien Johnson, who is believed to be buried in Concord Cemetery beside her mother, Sarah Holland Mills Johnson Barber.

Barber, Jordan, Sr., (unmarked), d. by 1880.  Married:  1) 6-10-1834, Decatur Co., GA, 2) date unknown.  Husband of 1) Elizabeth Whiddon, 2) Sarah Holland Mills Johnson (widow of Thomas Carroll Johnson)

Barber, Martha E. Moore.  No dates.  1870 Gadsden Co. Census: Martha 25. M. 12-4-1861.  Wife of John Whiddon Barber.

BARBER, SOPHIA WHITEN, b. 05-17-1855, d. 03-28-1940, m. 10-9-1873.  Sophia Whiten (Whiddon) Poppell, daughter of Brinkley Gandy Poppell and Badora Robinson Poppell, wife of George Washington Barber.

Barber, William, Co. B, 5 FL Bn, Cav., C.S.A., b. 12-03-1847, d. 08-15-1912.  1850 and 1860 Gadsden Co. Census, Wm. born 1839.  Married:  1) 1-7-1872, Gadsden Co., 2) 1-1-1879, Gadsden Co.  Son of Jordan Barber, Sr. and Elizabeth Whiddon Barber.  Married 1) Florida Mills, 2) her sister Eliza Amelia Mills.

Bell, Mary Matilda Herring (unmarked), m. 1-2-1855, Gadsden Co., FL, wife of W. Ira Bell. Memoriam 10-17-1929

Bell, W. Ira, Co. E, 2nd FL Cav., C.S.A., 1850 Decatur Co, GA, Census: age 16, born GA., m. 1-2-1855, Gadsden Co, FL.  Son of Larkin and Margaretta Bell, husband of Mary Matilda Herring.

Bennett, Easter, b. 06-??-1854, d. 10-09-1912.

Bond, Elbert, Co. C, 5 FL Bn, Cav., C.S.A., b. 11-09-1833, d. 07-01-1883, 1850 Gadsden Co. Census: Elbert 25, b. S.C., m. 6-21-1866, Gadsden Co., FL.  1850 Gadsden Co. Census, Mary Bond, age 60, b. S.C. in home of Elbert Bond, age 25.  Husband of Martha L. Shelfer.

Bond, Mansell W., unmarked.  1870 Gadsden Co. Census, Mansell W. age 2, b. FL.  Son of Elbert and Martha Shelfer Bond.

Bond, Martha L. Shelfer, unmarked, 1870 Gadsden Co. Census: Martha Bond 27, b. FL, m. 6-21-1866, Gadsden Co., FL.  Daughter of Nathan H. and Nancy Womack Shelfer, wife of Elbert Bond.

Bowen, James Alexander, 1820-1880, m. 10-13-1846, Thomas Co., GA.  Born Duplin Co., N.C., 1870 Gadsden Co. Census: a teacher.  Husband of Mary Jane Hall.

Bowen, Mary Jane Hall, 1822-1889, m. 10-13-1846, Thomas Co., GA.  Dau/o James G. and Elizabeth Hall of Thomas Co., GA, wife of James Alexander Bowen.

Bradshaw, Elisha, b. 07-05-1848, d. 09-17-1933.  Husband of Adline Bradshaw, who is shown on Gadsden Co. Tomb Index as b. 8-7-1855, d. 7-20-1925 and buried in Antioch Cemetery, at Wetumpka, south of Quincy, FL.

Bryan, Clyde Esther, d. 10-02-1935.  First wife of John T. Bryan.  Three infant graves, possibly children of theirs buried beside her.

Bryan, John T., Sgt. Air Service, WW I, b. 05-13-1898, d. 09-07-1957.  Married 1) Clyde Esther Bryan, 2), Laura Elizabeth Strickland, who is buried in Concord Cemetery with their adult children.

Clay, William H., Fla. Res. Inf., C.S.A.  1850 Decatur Co. Census: Wm. 20, born GA, wife Letty, 20.  From files of Barbara Boynton: b. 3-16-1830, d. 6-27-1919.  Married:  1) date unknown, 2) 2-26-1874.  Married and divorced 1) Letitia Connell Clay, married 2) Caroline N. Hagens.

Cobia, Henry P., 1880 Gadsden Co. Census: age 54, b. SC, occupation peddler, in household of Catherine Layton.  On 1845 FL Voters List in Ft. King Precinct, Marion Co., FL.  Local oral history says he was a panhandler; one descendant says he lived in AL.

Darsey, Henry Woodruff, b. 12-05-1868, d. 04-22-1958.  Married:  1) 03-25-1897, 2) 03-6-1919.  Son of Joseph Hutto Darsey and Julia Shelfer Darsey, husband of 1) Mamie E. Butler, 2) Lenna Johnson.

Darsey, infant of H. W. and M. E., b. 03-26-1898, d. 05-26-1898.  Helen, child of Henry Woodruff and Mamie Butler Darsey.

Darsey, John, b. 03-13-1874, d. 08-16-1905, m. 12-22-1896.  Son/o Joseph Hutto and Julia Shelfer Darsey, husband of Minnie Estell Gibson (who is listed in this index under Gibson, as her stone reads).

Darsey, Lenna Johnson, b. 09-08-1882, d. 06-10-1929, m. 03-6-1919.  Dau/o William and Emma Butler Johnson, 2nd wife of Henry Woodruff Darsey.

Darsey, Mamie E. Butler, b. 11-01-1871, d. 04-26-1898, m. 03-25-1897.  Wife of Henry Woodruff Darsey.

Darsey, Minnie, Wife of John Darsey and William Ingram, b. 03-10-1873, d. 12-29-1925. She is buried beside John Darsey.

Davis, S., Col., b. 07-19-1882, d. 09-09-1909.  Grave stone broken in 1992.

Davis, W. D., Son of A. Davis, A Confederate Soldier, d. 10-08-1900.  Grave stone broken in 1992.

Delacy, Ada I., b. 05-29-1885, d. 08-05-1908.  Dau/o Thomas M. and Nancy F. Alderman Delacy.

Delacy, James Emmet, b. 01-31-1850, d. 01-24-1936.  Son of Andrew and Susan Jane Connell Delacy, brother of Thomas M. Delacy.

Delacy, Nancy F., b. 03-29-1858, d. 08-02-1931.  1910 Gadsden Co. Census: Nancy age 49, b. Texas, parents b. SC.  Dau/o David Alderman; wife of Thomas M. Delacy.

Delacy, Thomas M., b. 09-13-1853, d. 09-09-1916, m. 12-25-1879, Gadsden Co., FL.  Son/o Andrew and Susan Jane Connell Delacy.  1910 Gadsden Co. Census: Thomas 54, b. FL; father b. Ireland, mother b. AL; husband of Nancy F. Alderman.

Delacy, Viola, b. 09-30-1880, d. 01-10-1881.  Dau/o Thomas M. and Nancy F. Alderman Delacy.

Dortch, David, Co. D, 2nd FL Inf., C.S.A.  Possibly relative of Thomas H. Dortch who married Mary Jane Barber. 2nd husband of Rhoda Angeline Marsh Merritt who is buried in the Thompson-Burns Cemetery in Concord, with her first husband, Jonathon William Merritt.

Elkins, W. M., Mrs., b. 04-27-??, d. 02-22-1942.  Has unmarked vault on her left.

Eubanks, Viola Irene, b. 02-05-1876, d. 07-29-1879.  Dau/o Needham and Emerita Bell Eubanks.

Fewell, Emma, Wife of R. A. Fewell.

Hall, Arabella Johnston, unmarked, m. 7-11-1883.  Unmarked brick vault which has become a pile of rubble is believed to be the 2nd wife of Iradell Hall.

Hall, Hazel, d/o O. B. & Lilla D. Hall, b. 11-05-1894, d. 08-31-1900.

Hall, I. A., d. 12-12-1906, 77 years, Co. B, 5 FL Inf., C.S.A.  1860 Gadsden Co. Census: Iradell age 27, b. GA.  Civil War Pension Papers: born 7-18-1832, Thomas Co., GA.  Married:  1) 8-15-1858, 2) 7-11-1883.  Husband of 1) Narcissus Hendry, 2) Arabella Johnston

Hall, Lilla D., Wife of O. B. Hall, b. 04-30-1868, d. 05-31-1900, m. 3-21-1869.  Lilla D. Shepard, wife of O. B. Hall.

Hall, Narcissus, Wife of I.A. Hall, d. 09-22-1879, Age 41 yrs, 2 mos. 19 days.  1850 Gadsden Co. Census: Narcissus 12, b. FL.  Dau/o Alexander and Margaret Hendry.

Hall, O. B., Died 07-09-1906, Age 45.  1870 Gadsden Co. Census: Oliver Hall age 10.  M. 3-21-1869.  Son/o Iradell and Narcissus Hall.  A prominent member of the Concordia Baptist Church, mentioned in the Church minutes often for his work on committees.

Hargrove, William Franklin, Father of Cornelia Ann B. Lott, who is also buried in this cemetery.

Harvell, Addie Lee, b. 08-08-1919, d. 08-05-1983.

Harvell, Carl Edward, b. 12-27-1913, d. 01-12-1989.  Obit: Husband of Lela Harvell, brother of Carl Harvell, born Grady Co., GA.

Harvell, John Leon, b. 1924, d. 1972.

Harvell, John Sam, b. 1879, d. 1970.

Harvell, unmarked.  Unmarked grave beside the Harvells.

Hendry, Alexander, Destroyed monument.  Probate records in Gadsden Co dated 5-24-1855, indicating death was shortly before this time.  1820 Screven Co., GA. Census lists Alexander Hendry.  1845 Voters List:  Alexander Henry voting at house of Will Johnson (where people in the Concord area voted).

Hendry, Margaret, Wife of Alex Hendry, 71 yrs 9 mos 21 days.  1850 Gadsden Co. Census:  Margaret Henry 50, b. N.C.  Wife of Alexander Hendry, mother of Sarah Hendry who married Donald Patterson; mother of Narcissus Hendry who married Iradell Hall; mother of Miriam Hendry who married Daniel Bryant; mother of Wm. C. Hendry who married Caroline Parrott; mother of George A. Hendry who married Evaline Mills.

Hinson, Bartlett F., Sgt., Co. A, 4 Fla. Inf., C.S.A.  1860 Gadsden Co. Census:  Bartlett F. 18 in house of Daniel Murphy Hinson and Ann (Nickelson) Hinson  Civil War Pension Papers: B. F. Hinson died 10-10-1876.  Married 12-20-1865, Gadsden Co., FL. . This grave along with wife's are outside of main Barber Cemetery in small enclosure in pasture, just included here as it is within sight and other family members are in Barber Cemetery.

Hinson, Daniel Mathison, b. 10-18-1854, d. 02-17-1922.  Married:  1) 10-06-1894, Gadsden Co., FL, 2) date unknown.  Son of Augustine Washington Hinson and Ruth Mathison Hinson; husband of 1) Mary Lula McElvey, 2) Sibby Ida Vickers.

Hinson, Ella, b. 09-18-1884, d. 05-11-1975, m. 1-3-1917, Gadsden Co., FL.  Ella, dau/o Walter "Walt" Walsh and Mary Catherine Perkins Walsh; wife of Malcolm L. Hinson.

Hinson, Gertrude, b. 04-14-1888, d. 12-30-1933.  Dau/o D. M., Jr. and Ida Vickers Hinson.

Hinson, Ida Vickers, Wife of D. M. Hinson, Jr., b. 03-21-1866, d. 10-15-1958, m. 10-06-1894.  Sibby Ida Vickers, dau/o Drew and Sarah Ann Caroline Collins Vickers, 2nd wife of Daniel Mathison Hinson, Jr.

Hinson, Mack L., b. 10-09-1874, d. 01-03-1939.  1910 Gadsden Co. Census:  Malcolm L. age 34, b. GA, m. 1-3-1917, Gadsden Co., FL.  Son of Bartlett F. and Margaretta M. Laing Hinson, husband of Louella Walsh.  1923 State Representative from Gadsden Co., FL.

Hinson, Maggie M., b. 09-08-1846, d. 06-16-1916, m. 12-20-1865, Gadsden Co., FL.  1850 Gadsden Co. Census: Margaretta 3, house of David Lang.  Wife of Bartlett F. Hinson.  This grave along with husband's are outside of main Barber Cemetery in small enclosure in pasture, just included here as it is within sight and other family members are in Barber Cemetery.

Hinson, Mary, b. 01-25-1923, d. 05-20-1925.  Dau/o Malcolm and Ella Hinson.

Hinson, Mary Lula, Wife of D. M. Hinson, Jr., b. 02-14-1859, d. 06-17-1892, 33 yrs 4 mos 3 days.  Mary Lula McElvey, 1st wife of Daniel Mathison Hinson, Jr.

Hinson, Myrtis, dau. of D. M. and S. I. Hinson, b. 09-04-1898, d. 11-17-1917.

Hinson, Pasco, b. 08-15-1927, d. 04-09-1929.  Son/o Malcolm and Ella Hinson. Obituary 5-9-1929

Ingram, infant of W. B. & A. Ingram.

Ingram, Mary Delacy, b. 06-11-1846, d. 10-14-1927.  1870 Gadsden Co. Census: Mary b. FL, dau/o Andrew & Susan J. Connell Delacy, father b. Sligo, Ireland, mother b. AL.  Wife of William L. Ingram.

Ingram, William B., 1866-1940.  Second husband of Minnie Estell Gibson Darsey, who is buried beside John Darsey.

Ingram, William L., b. 05-13-1854, d. 12-05-1932.  Husband of Mary Delacy Ingram.

Johnson, Mary Ingram, b. 05-25-1882, d. 08-23-1968.  1885 Fla. State Census:  Dau/o William L. and Mary Delacy Ingram.

Jones, B. H., Jr., b. 06-28-1920, d. 02-28-1928.

Jones, Benjamin H., b. 08-25-1880, d. 08-19-1933.

Jones, Henry C., b. 07-28-1850, d. 11-20-1921, m. 1-13-1873, Gadsden Co., FL to Hannah Woodberry.  1920 Gadsden Co. Census, Henry 58, married twice, m. 1895, b. GA, parents b. GA; husband of 1) Hannah Woodberry and 2) Willie V. Jones.

Jones, Willie V., b. 11-18-1878, d. 05-18-1939, m. 1895.  Second wife of Henry C. Jones.

Lott, Cornelia Ann B., Dates not on stone but death date determined to be 1935.  Married 5-2-1867, Gadsden Co., FL.  Cornelia B. Hargrove, wife of William Lott.

Lott, John Absolon.  New monument since 1976, no dates on it.

Mandeville, Viva Irene, b. 07-28-1895, d. 10-18-1940. Buried beside Jones family.

McDearmid, Duncan, 1805-1889, 1885 Florida State Census: age 80, b. NC, father b. Scotland, wife Sallie age 60, b. GA.  1856 & 1857: Juror, Gadsden Co., FL.  Former monument prior to 1976 read Duncan McDearmid, 08-10-1893, 88 yrs. old.

McRae, Maggie Woodbery, Wife of J. W. McRae, b. 01-18-1873, d. 04-18-1898.  Dau/o Joe and Clara Waller Woodbery.

McTyre, Leslie Emmett, b. 04-25-1919, d. 05-31-1939.

McTyre, Margaret E., b. 06-07-1892, d. 10-14-1934.

McTyre, Samuel Tilden, b. 01-20-1877, d. 10-21-1949.

McTyre, unmarked (2), parents of Margaret E. Bass McTyre, Charles Jason Bass and Evella Ninora Rogers. They died during the Great Depression, and the family did not have the funds to mark these graves (information from a descendant 2007)

Mills, Mamie Myrtle, 1921-1924.

Moore, Emma, no marker, slab only, wife of Tom Moore.

Moore, infant of Mrs. Moore.

Morgan, J. H., b. 08-25-1886, d. 02-08-1910.

Nelson, James,  Died 07-14-1942.

Nelson, John Wesley, Ga. Pvt. 327 Inf., WW II, b. 07-20-1893, d. 04-19-1972.

Nelson, Margaret, Died 10-23-1942.

Nelson, Wesley, D. 7-14-1936.

Nunan, Alice, b. 02-12-1803, d. 07-03-1874, Age 71, 4 mos. 21 days. Presumed to be wife of William Nunan.

Nunan, William, Was born near the city of Cork in Ireland 5-23-1795 & died at his residence in Decatur Co. Georgia 09-08-1873, age 78 yrs, 3 mos. 15 days [all the previous is on the stone].  Presumed to be husband of Alice Nunan.

Parrish, Infant of Cecil R.

Peavy, Annie L., b. 04-23-1884, d. 07-23-1899.  Dau/o Thomas and Sarah Peavy.

Peavy, Lawrence Arthur, b. 08-10-1872, d. 09-08-1908.

Peavy, Maggie E., b. 09-05-1872, d. 10-29-1896.  Dau/o Thomas and Sarah Peavy.

Peavy, Oliver D., b. 10-06-1875, d. 01-18-1899.  Son/o Thomas and Sarah  Peavy.

Peavy, Sarah L. Mills, Wife of T. J. Peavy, b. 12-30-1851, d. 02-05-1935.  Dau/o Cleaton Mills, wife of Thomas J. Peavy.

Peavy, Thomas J., Pvt. Co. I, 28 Regt., GA Inf., b. 07-16-1842, d. 12-29-1921.  1870 Gadsden Co. Census: son/o Nancy Peavy. Husband of Sarah L. Mills.

Poppell, Badora, Wife of Brinkley G. Poppell, b. 12-24-1824, d. 04-08-1906, m. 02-09-1853, Gadsden Co., FL.  "Dorrie", dau/o Nicholas and Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann Slade Robinson; twin of Cordelia Robinson.

Poppell, Brinkley G., b. 06-11-1824, d. 09-11-1886, m. 02-09-1853, Gadsden Co., FL.  Brinkley Gandy Poppell, son/o Pharaoh & Temperance Poppell, possibly b. Tattnall Co., GA, as Pharaoh was on 1820 Census in Tattnall Co., GA.  1860 Gadsden Co. Census shows birth place as GA.  Husband of Badora Robinson.

Poppell, George W., unmarked, b. ca. 1889.  1910 Gadsden Co. Census: age 20, b. FL.  Son/o Charlie M. and Jennie Strickland Poppell.  Relatives advised he was buried here.

Poppell, Mattie R., Wife of W. S. Poppell, b. 07-13-1875, d. 01-17-1937, m. 07-08-1897 Gadsden Co., FL.  Martha Julia Rogers, second wife of Winfield Scott Poppell.

Poppell, Sarah M., Wife of W. S. Poppell, b. 12-19-1861, d. 07-29-1896, m. 03-22-1883 Gadsden Co., FL.  Dau/o James B. and Evelyn Vickers Perkins, first wife of Winfield Scott Poppell.

Poppell, Winfield Scott, b. 01-30-1859, d. 01-29-1922, Married:  1) 03-22-1883, Gadsden Co., FL, 2) 07-08-1897, Gadsden Co., FL.  Son/o Brinkley G. and Badora Robinson Poppell; husband of 1) Sarah M. Perkins, 2) Martha Julia Rogers.

Strickland, George W., 1900-1956.  Son of Ward Strickland, husband of Mildred L. Strickland.

Strickland, L. E. Edd, b. 06-07-1901, d. 12-22-1969.  Son of Ward Strickland, brother of George W. Strickland.

Strickland, Lena Estelle, b. 01-07-1904, d. 11-28-1990.  Buried beside L. E. Edd Strickland.

Strickland, Mildred L., b. 12-27-1912, d. 03-18-1954.  Daughter of Sam Harvell, wife of George W. Strickland.

Strickland, unmarked.  Adult grave near L E. Edd Strickland and Lena Estelle Strickland.

Strickland, Ward L., b. 03-14-1877, d. 04-02-1947.  Birth date obtained from family Bible.

Sweet, William Charles, 03-26-1817, Brittons Neck, SC, 11-19-1898, Concord, FL.  Ancestor of Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With The Wind.  Son of Rev. Gaspero and Ann Munnerlyn Sweet who are buried in Old Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Gadsden Co, FL.  William Sweet and Ginsy Sweet were divorced in Gadsden Co., FL on 9-3-1882.  Gadsden Co. Court Records: 2-6-1850 Gaspero Sweet left slaves to children of Wm. Charles Sweet:  Mary Julia, Margaret Deborah, and Simeon Peter.

Whidden, Nancy J., b. 11-22-1844, d. 09-10-1890, m. 04-14-1871 Gadsden Co., FL.  Dau/o John & Mahelia Regan (name on census is Riggins); wife of W. B. Whidden.

Whidden, W. B., b. 02-11-1842, d. 10-08-1885, m. 04-14-1871, Gadsden Co., FL.  Tombstone: born in Gadsden Co., FL.  Son/o John and Martha Whidden, husband of Nancy J. Regan.

Wilson, Carrie B., Wife of John Wilson, b. 12-30-1874, d. 07-24-1912.

Winburn, Betty Louise, b. 03-08-1936, d. 03-23-1949.  Dau/o J. C. and Eva Godwin Winburn.

Winburn, Eva Godwin, b. 01-09-1892, d. 05-18-1959.  Thought to be the wife of  J. C. Winburn, who is buried in Shelfer Cemetery, Havana, FL.

Winburn, infant son, child of Betty Louise Winburn.

Woodbery, Clara, b. 03-10-1853, d. 05-06-1934.  Dau/o Charles Waller, wife of Joe Woodbery, mother of Maggie Woodbery McRae.

Yawn, Allie C., Dau/o Andrew G & Donnie Agnes Yawn, lived to be an adult.

Yawn, Andrew Gay.  New monument since 1976; husband of Donnie Agnes Yawn.

Yawn, Donnie Agnes.  Dau/o John Absolon and Cornelia Ann B. Lott, wife of Andrew Gay Yawn.

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