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Welcome to the Florida GenWeb Project.

FL-GenWeb Project, Inc. History

FLGenWeb LogoWelcome to the Florida GenWeb Project, Inc. Home Page, featuring the Genealogy and History of Florida and its pioneers.
In 1996, a group of genealogists organized the Florida GenWeb Project, modeled after a project originally started in the state of Kentucky. The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Florida, where collected databases and information on genealogy in the state could be stored. At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of data.
In mid-2010, having been incorporated for almost 2 years, we severed our relationship with USGenWeb and are now a stand alone project.  The majority of our County Coordinators opted to continue their association with FLGWPI so much of the data you are used to seeing is still on our pages.  We have made an effort to boost the amount of data you are able to search.
The Florida GenWeb Project, Inc. needs your help. We are from time to time needing county sponsors. There's really nothing to it. You are not responsible for doing lookups, and don't even have to live in the county you sponsor. Take a look at the Florida County list located at FL-GenWeb Project, Inc., or e-mail your questions to the State Coordinator. One last note, county sponsors are not the only volunteer positions.  If you'd like to assist with doing look-ups, census or tombstone transcriptions, these are a few of the other volunteer positions we are always in need of.  Put a little back to the place that has brought you so much.
History of Florida

Florida remained a territory for the longest time of the states in the United States.  Territorial status was obtained in 1822.  There were many mini-censuses taken in order to count the people of Florida.  For this reason more early records are available for researchers of pioneer families.  Finally, on March 3, 1845, we became the 27th state.

Tallahassee was chosen in 1824 to be the Capital of Florida.  At the time it was the largest city in the territory.  Our state contained 20 counties at this time.  With population changes and boundary changes, we have grown to 67. Gilchrist being the last created.

The history and people of Florida are as varied as the five flags that have flown over our state: Spanish, French, English, Confederate and United States of America.  St. Augustine located on our eastern shore, is the oldest city in the United States.  We also have enjoyed watching many space craft lift off and return to earth at Kennedy Space Center.

Tourism is a large part of the Florida economy. Our attractions Disneyland/Epcot, SeaWorld, and Universal, in the Orlando area, draw more visitors each year than any other resort area in the country.  Water was important to our state in the past for transportation, and is still important today for recreation. In addition to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico surrounding our peninsular, we have many lakes in the state.  Lake Okeechobee is the 2nd largest body of fresh water in our state. The marshlands of the Everglades to the south  and the Green Swamp, more centrally located in the state, provide the recharge areas for our thousands of lakes, rivers, canals and creeks throughout the state.

Florida agriculture provides our country with citrus, vegetables which can have 2 seasons here, sugar cane, milk and cattle.

The people of our state are as diverse as the agriculture.  We draw young and old alike. Visitors come and like what they see and move,  making us the fourth largest state, with about 18 million people and still we are growing.

Our state bird is the Mockingbird, our flower is the orange blossom and our song is "Way down upon the Suwannee River".

The purpose of FLGenWeb Project, Inc., is to educate the public about our rich heritage and to help families discover their ancestors by preserving as much of our history as we can.
We hope you will enjoy learning about our state and its people.  We are enthusiastic about amassing as much information as possible for our researchers.

If you have information, pictures, stories, biographies, birth, death or marriage records, please share them with us.  You may email the  coordinator of the county where your material should appear or the State Coordinator.

Many of us do not live in the county we host. We do try to guide you to the information you seek.

The FL-GenWeb Project is proud to announce...

We qualifiy as an Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) organization – commonly referred to as a public charity.

Counties Available for Adoption!

If you are interested in sponsoring a county in the project, please feel free to read all about it and complete an application.  If the County has a Coordinator, we will add you to the WAITING LIST.

Your FLGenWeb Project Coordinator is Ray Richard


Please use the appropriate mailing list, group or board for queries and lookup requests. You will find links to Queries on the County web sites which are listed here.

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