African American Project


I am currently looking for Biographies of Notable African Americans in Florida. If you have a Biographie you would like to share please send it to me!

Ampey, Private Isom 
Betsch, MaVynee "The Beach Lady"
Bowman, Sergeant Thomas 
Brown, Gabriel
Cherry, Gwendolyn Sawyer
Carson, George
Dean, Judge James  Photo
Dupont, Sheriff Charles Fletcher
Fortune, Timothy Thomas
French, Rochelle
Gaither, Alonzo Smith"Coach Jake"
Gibbs, Jonathan Clarkson
Gooseberry, John
Grant, Bishop Abram Photo
Hatchett, Supreme Court Justice Joseph W.  Photo
Hawkins, Virgil Darnell Photo
Hurston, Zora Neale
James, Air Force General Daniel "Chappie"   
Jones, Aggie
Jones, Private Robert J.
Kingsley, Anna
Lee, Joseph E. 
Lewis, Abraham Lincoln  Photo
Lipscomb, Corporal George
Meek, Carrie P.
Milledge, Officer John Photo
Moore, Miles
Netson, William J.
Page, Reverend James
Pickett, Bill
Rolls, 1st Sergeant Jeremiah
Sheppard, Raymond
Simms, Corporal Abram C.
Steele, Reverend Charles Kenzie  Photo
Stewart, Charity  Her home
Twine, Richard Aloysius His pictures
Wilson, Major John H. 
White, Clara
White, Eartha Mary Magdalene Photo

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