Gilmore Community

S/W Jacksonville- a part of Arlington Area 

Duval Co., Florida

The Gilmore Community area  was in the southwestern area of Jacksonville.  The Arlington area has gobbled it up.  Some of the roads have new names as happens often as areas grow and roads are connected to other existing roads.

Gilmore Methodist Episcopal Church

Post Offiice
Gilmore Post Office


JM&P Railroad

Map of Gilmore
This early 1900 map gives a wonderful view of all the land owners of the time.
Archibald Gilmore, Sr. homesteaded 640 acres which he acquired from the
United States in 1885.  

Of the larger parcels only his next door neighbor, John Peterson held the land
before the Gilmore's did. John shows a homestead date of 1879.

Deed from John Peterson to Archibald Gilmore

Gilmore Deed
Gilmore Deed pg.2
Presented by Bob Sikes

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