1st Lt. Jack M. Nicholson

Date of Birth: ##/##/1917
Date of Death: 29/08/1944
Date of Enlistment: 25/11/1940
Army Serial Number # 20418332 (O-373260)
Company  , 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
Residence: Duval, Florida
Entered the Service from: Jacksonville, Florida
Source of Army personnel: National Guard

Nativity: Missouri
Race and Citizenship: White, citizen
Education: 2 years of college
Civilian Occupation: Tractor Driver or Truck Driver, Heavy or Chauffeur or Truck Driver, Light
Marital Status: Married
Buried at: Plot L Row 8 Grave 1
Brittany American Cemetery
St. James, France
Awards: Purple Heart

The above information was received from
Ronan Urvoaz, who resides  in The Hague, The Netherlands and first posted Jan 17, 2007. 

"I was born in Brest, France scene of one the most terrible battles during the Western European Campaign in 1944. I have been living abroad for most of my life but I have never failed to honor the sacrifice of U.S. Servicemen who fought to liberate my home town.

There is a project of building a memorial dedicated to those who paid the ultimate price to secure our freedom. Located in Fort Montbarey, we are still negotiating with the local authorities.

I attend commemorations of the liberation of Brest each year, and I place flowers and a card in remembrance of fallen soldiers. The cards are kept in the Fort Montbarey Museum as a permanent reminder for future generations. A picture is more powerful than an engraved name."

Mr. Urvoaz is wanting to relocate and surving family members of the late 1st Lt. Nicholson.  His contact information is:

Ronan Urvoaz
Valkenbosplein 23
2563CC The Hague
The Netherlands


Work: +31 (0)70 353 1008
Home: +31 (0)70 888 2903
Mobile: +31 (0)621 837 587

Commeration Cards are held at the Fort Montbarey Museum

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