Duval Cemetery Index

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Duval Cremains, Columbariums & Memory Gardens

Acosta (aka Tisonia) Cemetery W. 17th Street. Springfield area of town
Advent Christian Church (aka Lindsley) Cemetery off Secondina Rd, E of I-95
Anderson Cemetery W/side of Anderson Rd. S of Cedar Pt. Rd, E of Darcy Dr.
Arlington Cemetery S end of Shackleton Dr, (Cemetery Terrace) S of Arlington Rd.
Arlington Park Cemetery 6821 Lonestar Rd at Lillian Rd
Beaches Memorial Gardens 1500 Main Street, Atlantic Beach
Bigelow Cemetery S/side of Floral Bluff Dr. @ Caitin St. E of Univ. Blvd.
Bishop's Garden Cinererarium St John's Cathedral, Episcopal Church, 256 Church St. 32202
Borden Cemetery E/side of Landing Lane, N of Wilson Blvd, W of Old Middleburg Rd.
Bowden or Old Bowden Cemetery
Entrance of Skinner's Dairy on Bowden Rd @ Parental Home Rd.
Bowles or Eubanks  aka Dees Landing Cemetery N on Main St (US 17), R on Yellow Bluff, L on Deese Rd. Padlocked.
Brandy Branch Cemetery W of Brandy Branch Rd, near Nassau Co. Line, Baldwin Area
Broward Cemetery N/bank of of Cedar Creek, to east of Harts Rd. , N of Dunn Ave, W of I-85
Brown aka Willy Brown Cemetery at Theo. Roosevelt Area, National Park, I/section of Mt Pleasant & Ft Caroline
Brunson Cemetery N/end of McCargo Rd, N of W Beaver, S of Old Plank Rd.
Camp Mooney Cemetery W/side of Ellis Rd, at Harold Ave, abt 100 yds N of I-10
Chapel Hill Memory Gardens 850 St. John's Bluff  Rd  North.
Chaseville Cemetery W/side of Kaden Dr. East, N of Heidi Rd. On University Property
Christian Home Society  aka Little Christian Home Society E/side of Landing Lane, N of Wilson Blvd, W of Old Middleburg Rd.
Church of Our Saviour near St John's River, N of Scott Mill Rd, near Kirkside Lane
City or Old City, aka Willey, Wiley Cemetery Union St, between Washington and Cemetery St
Clifton Cemetery Garrison and Magnolia Ave. S of Water Ave. W of Sandra Rd. E of St John's River
Cosmo aka Palm Springs Cemetery E/side of Ft Caroline, Between Caroline Crest and Trotting Horse Lane
Craig Swamp aka Phillips Cemetery S on Phillps Hwy, R on Old St Aug Rd, Cem on NW side, across frm Lorimar Rd.
Daniels-Smith Cemetery N end of Como Rd, @ Cemetery Rd, N of 103rd St. adjacent to Turknett Cem
Dees Landing aka Bowles or Eubanks Cemetery See line 13, Bowles Cemetery
Deese Cemetery Normandy Blvd, near Diamond D Ranch-1mi N of Clay Co line, E of Manning Cem Rd.
Dinsmore Black Community Cemetery 
Adjacent to White Dinsmore Cem. No headstones remain, ( as the "talk" goes)
Dinsmore Community Cemetery Off US1 N, on Old Kings Rd at Gray St
Dinsmore Community Cemetery N/section of Greenlawn Cem, 4300 Beach Blvd.
Dunn Creek Cemetery of Greenlawn Cem, 4300 Beach Blvd.
Duval County Cemetery Washington St.: N portion of Old City Cemetery
Duval County Hospital and Asylum Cemetery Near Jessie & Franklin St.: Portion of Old City Cemetery
Eastport Cemetery Main St N, R on Eastport Rd, N
East Mayport Cemetery, Aka Old Pablo, and Mayport Cem S/end of Sandcastle Ln, S of Wonderwood Dr.
Edgewood Cemetery 4519 Edgewood Ave N
Etz Chaim Memorial Gardens Arlington Park Cemetery, 6821 Lonestar Rd at Lillian Rd
Eubanks Cemetery N/end of Dees Rd, N of YellowBluff Rd. See also Bowles aka Dees Landing
Evergreen Cemetery 4535 North Main Street
Federal Hill Cemetery ?
Ferreira Cemetery
First Baptist Church (former site) W/side of Myrtle Ave, near Adams and Monroe Streets
Forrest Hills Cemetery
Fulton Cemetery Across from 13241 Ft Caroline rd, N of Rifle Run Rd.
Geiger Cemetery-aka Pecan Grove or Pecan Settlement Pecan Grove Rd & Settlement rd by SR128
Gethsemane Memorial Gardens 822 Hammond Blvd.
Gillian (aka Gillan) Family Cemetery Pecan Rd., N of SEC RR
Gilmore Cemetery S/end of Broadwater Dr, N of Ft Caroline Rd.
Gravely Hills Cemetery within Riverside Memorial Park, 7242 Normandy Blvd.
Greenland, aka Mt. Zion AME Cemetery Vinson Lane, E of St Augustine Rd.
Greenwood Cemetery 3501 Moncrief Rd.
H. Warren Smith Cemetery NW corner of Beach Blvd and Penman Rd, Jacksonville Beach
Hillside Cmetery,aka Potter's Field and Pauper's Field N/end of Owens Ave, N of Moncrief Rd
Holly Memorial Park crs-possibly clay? see pg 113
Houston Family Cemetery Big Talbot Island, N on A1A, L on Houston Ave, abt 100 yds w of rd, abt 1/4 mi S A1A
Hughes Cemetery Yulee
Hysler Family Cemetery SW end of Duval Co, land taken over by Navy before 1955,
Idlewild Cemetery Girvin Rd, approx 5mi from i/s of Atl. Exact loc. unkn. Headstones removed.
Jacksonville Jewish Center Cemetery Evergreen Ave and Winona Dr. Adjacent to South to Temple Cemetery
Jacksonville Memorial Gardens Hwy 21 (aka Blanding Blvd) just S of Orange Park Mall, same side of rd
Jewish Cemetery Inside the Old City Cemetery and faces Union St.
Jewish Memorial Gardens E/end of 40th St. Adjacent N to Evergreen Cemetery
Jerusalem Baptist Cemetery     (Black) S/end of Flesher Ave, S of Atlantic Blvd
Jones Cemetery Callahan see pg 29
Julington Creek Baptist Church Cemetery Off Julington Cr. Rd, just W of Beaubien Rd.
Julington Creek Cem. aka Sloan's Landing Cemetery N of Race Track Rd, 1 mi W of Phillips Hwy
Knight Cemetery or "Knight's" Behind Fiegle (Borden) Dairy on Garden St. in Dinsmore Area
Lee Kirkland Cemetery Jacksonville Beach, across from H. Warren Smith Cem. on Beach Blvd. 0
Lindsey or Lindsley aka Advent Christian Cemetery 138 W 17th St, Springfield Area
Little Christian Home Society aka Christian Home Society Cem. Adjacent to Borden Cem.Eof Landing Lane, N of Wilson Blvd, W of Old Middleburg Rd.
Lofton Cemetery S/side of Westberry Rd, abt 500 ft W of San Jose Blvd
Lonestar Cemetery   (Black) aka Mt. Zion Cemetery on dirt rd, off Mill Creek Rd to East
Magnolia Cemetery (Clay co) Kingsley and Magnola Cemetery Rd, just w of RR tracks on Kingsley
Mandarin Cemetery #2 off Mandarin Rd, near Blanche Rd
Mandarin Cemetery 11235 Mandarin Rd, W of Loretto Rd
Manning Family Cemetery Manning Cem. Rd, abt 3/4 mi S of Normandy Blvd
Martha Page Nealtop Located at 7325 Elwood Ave. One single grave
Mayport Cemetery aka Old Pablo S/end of Sandcastle Lane, S of Wonderwood Dr.
Mayport Catholic Cemetery Broad and Mary St, NAS Mayport
McCormick Cemetery McGill Rd, just S of Pritchard Rd
McCormick Cemetery #2 Cosmo Lane, S of McCormick Rd
McIntosh Crypts On Ft George Island, N of Beatty Ave, E of Kingsley Plantation
Memorial Cemetery Moncrief and Edgewood
Midway Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church Family Cemetery ?
Mt. Herman Cemetery 1093 W 6th St.
Mt. Olive Cemetery W. 45th St. & Castelano Ave. N of Moncrief Rd.
Mt. Pleasant  Baptist Cemetery (Black) akaSaint Nicholas#3 S of Atlantic Blvd. adjacent toW to Atlantic Garden Apts
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery 3435 Moncrief Rd
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery  (Black) Cedar and Pine St, just west of Phillips Hwy
Mt. Zion AME Cemetery #1     (Black) Winson, E of St Augustine Rd
New Berlin Cemetery N/end of State Ave
New Mt. Harmony Cemetery unkn- possibly same as New Mt Herman
New Mt. Herman Cemetery 5115 Moncrief Rd.
New Mt. Zion Holiness Church Cemetery   (Black) Beside the church at 7442 Pine St.
New St. James Baptist Cemetery Eleanor Rd, E of Old Kings, N of Sunbeam, Behind Church- is the church still there?
Nolan Ridge Cemetery ?
Oaklawn Cemetery 4801 San Jose Blvd
Old City Cemetery, aka City, Duval, Willy, Wiley, etc Union St, between Washington and Cemetery St.
Old Pickett or Old Pickettville Cemetery aka Westview N/side of Pickettville Rd, E of Old Kings Rd.
Old Stone or Stone Cemetery Dexter Dr E. near Bessent Dr.
Olgivie Cemetery Lem Turner Rd, R on Lannie Rd, L on Hargett Rd. Cem. at end of Hargett
Palm Springs Cemetery aka Cosmos Ft Caroline Rd, at Cosmo Fla.
Parrish Cemetery Parrish Cemetery Rd.
Parson's Cemetery W/side of Hermitage Rd, N of Clinton Forge Rd
:&nbps; Pickett-Turner aka Old Pickett Cemetery Off Ida and Calvin - S/s of Pickett Rd, E of Lem Turner
Pecan Grove, aka Pecan Setlement and Geiger
Pecan Settlement Cemetery aka Pecan Grove and Geiger
Pinehurst Cemetery 32201 Moncrief Rd
Piney Grove Cemetery  (Black) N/end of Pine Court 500 ft N of US 90 at HWY 301
Pinkston Cemetery S/side of Old Plank Rd, E of Pebble Ridge Dr
Edward Plummer Cemetery Possibly same as Plummer's Cove? found off Mandarin Rd?
Plummer's Cove Cemetery W/end of Woodfern Lane, W of Scott Mill
Pringle Cemetery CR 121 W of Kinard Rd.
Raines Cemetery aka Rain's W/side of Mt Pleasant, across from Spanish Point Dr.
Reedy's Cemetery Reed St. and Edgewood Ave, next to 7601 Reed St.
Restlawn Cemetery 2600 Ribault Scenic Dr.
Revolutionary Soldiers Grave (?) located above Beauclerc Rd, in Plummer's Cove Area, was upkept by DAR in 1950's
Ripley Cemetery off SR 47
Riverside Cemetery 7242 Normandy Blvd.
Robert's aka Spire's Cemetery W/side of Spire's Ave, S of 33rd St,
Saint James Baptist Cemetery 9300 Block of Old Kings Rd.
Saint John's Episcopal Cathedral Cemetery SE corner of Orange and Laura St.
Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery 11730 St. Augustine Rd.
Saint Joseph's Cemetery Old St Joseph's Church, on Loretto Rd, W of St Augustine Rd- are they the same?
Saint Mary's Cemetery 339 Winona Dr, part of Evergreen Cemetery
Saint Nicholas Cemetery NW corner of Olive St and Gay Ave, N of Atlantic Blvd
Saint Nicholas Cemetery #2   (Black) NE corner of Beach Blvd and Carmichael
Saint Peter's Cemetery Fernandina
Sellers 662 Halsema Rd at Carter Rd
Sloan's Landing aka Julington aka Loretto Cemetery S/end of Dogwood Hill Dr.
Spiers aka Robert's Cemetery W/side of Spire's Ave, S of 33rd St.
Springfield Advent Christian Church Cemetery E of house at 138 W 17th St.
Starratt Cemetery Cove subdivision at the end of Capstan Dr, N of Starrat Rd.
Stone aka Old Stone Cemetery Dexter Dr. E, Near Bessent Rd
Sunbeam Cemetery ?
Sunset Memorial Park Moncrief Rd and Edgewood Ave.
Talbot Island Near end of Houston Ave, S of Buccaneer Trail, W/side of the road
Temple- is this same as Jerusalem? Evergreen Ave and Winona Dr, in Evergreen Cemetery
Tillotson aka Singleton Cemetery NE corner of Girvin Rd and Singleton St.
Tisonia aka Acosta Cemetery US 17 N, Left on Secondina Rd.
Tison's Dunn Creek Cemetery US17 N, R on New Berlin Rd, R on Dunn Creek Rd, R on Dunn Creek Cem. Rd, Cem at end.
Turknett Cemetery, aka Daniel Cemetery N/side of Como Rd and Cemetery Rd, adjacent to Daniel Smith Cemetery (near 103rd)
Upton Cemetery 500 ft N of  US90 and HWy 301 in Baldwin, adjacent to Piney Grove Cemetery
Verdie N of Ford Rd, E of 301 on Verdie Cemetery Rd
Westview or Pickettville (possibly Old Pickettville as well) N/side of Pickettville Rd, E of Old Kings Rd.
Willey aka City, Old City, Wiley, Duval, Duval Hosp. etc Downtown, Union St between Washington and Cemetery St.
Woodlawn Cemetery Western half of Evergreen Cem, W of RR
Yukon aka Youkon Cemetery   (Black) N'side of Avant Dr, E of Greenway Dr, W of Roosevelt Blvd.
Yellow Fever Burial Site 1 On top of hill on Old Fairgrounds, on 30th St. W of N. Main Street

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