St. George Episcopal Church Memorial Markers (Cemetery)

19560 Fort George Road

Fort George Island, Duval Co., Fl USA

St. George Episcopal Church

Fort George Island, Duval County, Florida

19560 Fort George Road

Fort George Island, Duval Co., Fl USA

Memorial Markers

 In front of the historic building for St. George Episcopal Church

is a small collection of Memorial Markers,

allegedly of Communicants.

The oldest marker is a small one with a footstone for

Jesse Leland Rawlins. He is also listed on the larger new

markers. His grave may be in the rear of the building. His

Mother is buried in the Houston Cemetery on Big Talbot Island.

May 11, 2009

Jon R. Ferguson
Mike Lawson

Thank you, Jon and Mike, for compiling this list in 2009.
Chappelle, George E. Jr. 3/30/1908 7/9/1981  
Denman, Lula V. Chappelle 1/12/1924 11/9/2004  

Evans, Monte Joe 6/22/1952 12/22/2002  
Gallion, Cameron Merrill 8/31/1987 2/26/2002  
Hogg, Warren Connelly 8/29/1956 7/5/2007  
Johnson, Alvin 7/6/1925 11/6/1925  
Liliskis, Andrew 9/10/1922 3/11/2001  
Rawlins, Jesse Leland 8/25/1906 9/15/1906  
Saar, Bruce Raymond 6/22/1952 5/31/2004  
Thomas, John Willoughby 10/11/2005 10/10/2005 date is incorrect
Webb, Terence H. E. 8/18/1938 2/17/2001  
Wolf, Galen Joseph 6/25/1930 7/20/2008  
Zimmaruk, Gary Ernest 7/19/1948 12/23/2006  
Zimmaruk, Peter E. 10/31/1918 2/11/2003  

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