Duval Police

Jacksonville, Florida

Bartow Lee

Florida Times Union  Saturday,
October 21, 1933, Section 2, pg 1

Officer Lee

        Laid to Rest
Police Continue Iquiry in
         Patrolman's Death


    Funeral services for  Bartow  Lee,
41,  Jacksonville   policeman, of 817
Lynton Avenue, who died  in  a local
hospital  early  Wednesday  Morning
from a hemmorage following a  blow
on   the  head,  was  held   yesterday
morning  from  the Seashole  Funer-
al Parlors.
    The services  were  conducted by
the  Rev.  M.  M.  Reynolds,  pastor
of the Second  Presbyterian  Church.
Pallbearers  were:   W.  J. Tipton, A. W, Moore, E. D. Dorman, T. J.Bar-
wick,  J.  T.  Byrd and  W. E. Jones.
Following   the   services  the    body
was taken to Houston, Florida,where
interment was made.
   Meanwhile,  police  under  the   di-
rection   of  Chief  Abel  J.   Roberts
and   Inspector  E .  L .  Acosta   are
conducting  a  thorough  nvestigation
into the officer's death.
    Henry  W.  Lee,  18 eldest  son of
the policeman,  is  being  held  on   a
charge of  suspicion of murder pend-
ing the findings of  the coroner's jury
at  an inquest to be held  before Jus-

tice  of the Peace, M. B. Craig when
the investigation is completed.
   Young  Lee,  was  arrested several
hours after his father died and admit-
ed to police that he had fought with the Elder Lee.
    Dr. R. R. Killinger, Duval County
Medical  examiner,   who  performed
the  autopsy on Lee  upon  orders of
State   Attorney,   John  W.  Harrell,
and death  was  caused  from a blow
on  the  left  temple,  which  resulted
in  the  breaking  of  a  blood  vessel.
A  blood  clot  and  internal   hemor-
rage followed.
    The   physician   said    the   outer
wound  appeared  to  be  from  24 to
36 hours  old,  but  the  internal  clot was more organized and  of  an older
nature  and  probably  was from four
to five days old.

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