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"I was born in a house that looked a great deal like this one. Not one sprig of grass or weeds in the yard. If so, you weren't a very clean person. We didn't plant grass until I was about sixteen in our yard, and granny had a fit."
Mildred Mills Stevenson
Least we not forget our "Roots", this being our heritage. We cannot change who we are, nor the lineage we descend. Having vivid memories of our childhood is something we all should cherish. Even the ones that weren't so good, yet they happened and you still recall them. This learning process is called development and growing up.
As we get more mileage under our feet, we look back at what we had when we were younger. I remember going to my grandparents when we would come to Florida on vacation, they lived in Perry, Florida. My great grandmother, my grandfather's mother, lived with them, and I remember writing letters for her. to know that this elder loving person trusted me to to convey her thoughts to her loved ones who lived in a far off place. It's the time I spent with her and my grandparents that I feel has inspired me to get involved with genealogy and have a deep love for history.
Those were the good times and I'll forever cherish them. For those of you reading this, this isn't Mildred doing the writing. Part of the persona my grandfather possessed, must have got down to me somehow. I'm helping Mildred with Dixie County, because I care. So Mildred, this is for you.
For information my grandparents were Wesley Columbus and Edwa Jo E. Stephens Stanaland. My great grandmother was Sarah Charlotte Howard Stanaland. My great grandmother's parents were Wesley Vincent and Buena Hall Howard. They were married in Lafayette County August 9, 1877. So I imagine they set up house keeping in a homestead similar to that in the picture above, where it's not really know. However, I assume it was near present day Salem; but not sure whether it was Taylor County or Lafayette (Dixie) County.
Happy hunting!

Darrel Reid Bell

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