Summerlin Institute
main building 1901
Bartow,Polk Co.,Fl.

Summerlin Institute Main building 1901

  Summerlin Institute and Union Academy now BartowHigh School, began in 1858  as a one-room log schoolhouse built in the community of Fort Blount. The log cabin school served the local pioneers until 1866. A cattle baron, Jacob Summerlin endowed the locals with a 120 acre land grant. It provided for the establishment of the county-seat, churches, and a school.
Summerlin personally donated $1100.00 dollars for the construction of Bartow's first two- story building housing the Masonic Lodge, and a school. The school was named Summerlin Institute in his honor, and families paid tuition to attend.
  In 1902, the upper grades moved into a new facility east of the 1887
building. In 1917, city growth prompted another move, to the site of the
present day Bartow Elementary Academy.
  In 1929, land once belonging to the South Florida Military College was selected for the new Summerlin Institute.
 The 1950's witnessed the completion of Bartow Memorial Stadium, new classrooms, and a gymnasium.
 The 1964 Civil Rights Act mandated desegregation.
  In 1969, Union Academy became Golfview Junior High School, and its students were transferred to Summerlin. Since the early 1900's Summerlin Institute had been unofficially called "Bartow High School", and in a show of unity the diplomas for the 1971 graduating class were changed to reflect the new name. Summerlin Institute's proud heritage then passed to Bartow High School.
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