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>Separation of Junior, Senior Schools Urged - ( The Lakeland Ledger, Jan. 14, 1944. )
  The outstanding need in the city school system is separation of Junior and Senior high schools. Dr. Carl S. Cox, supervising principal, told the Lake Mortan Parent Teacher association. He was said to say, he had often been asked how school money is spent, One answer;" To Educate " Dr. Cox pointed out that separation of junior and senior high schools would neccessitate more money, another building, and more teachers, but urged it is a worthwhile postwar project. Dr. Carl H. White made an appeal for the community chest. Mrs. Henry Conibear presided and Mrs. T. H. Hutchinson gave the devotional. It was announced that to date pupils at the school have purchased $3,345.10 worth of war bonds and stamps.
>Mrs. SUMMERLIN, age 72, died on Friday morning, Dec. 11, 1896
 She died at the home of her son, Mr. Jasper Summerlin in this city.
 Funeral services conducted at the Episcopal Church by the Rector, Rev. A. Kenny Hall.
  Burial in the Old Cemetery by the side of her husband, the late Jacob Summerlin, the founder of the Noble Edifice which bears his name. In an act of respect the school was dismissed so the entire school could attend the burial, a large body of citizens to give respect and great honor to the memory of the good old lady and her family. Mrs. Summerlin came to Bartow about 3 weeks before her death, she was taken ill soon after she arrived. During her illness she left the impression fall that she came to Bartow with expetation of never returning to Orlando. She died at about the same age her husband died in Nov. and would have been 72 on the following Feb. Mrs. Summerlin  died surrounder by all her surviving children, save one, Robert who lives in Texas.
 ( Wed.. Dec. 16, 1896, Courier Informant, Bartow, Fl. )
>Fire of unknown origin destroys Socrum School - ( Ledger, Wednesday, May 6, 1936 )
 The two-room, frame school house here is a mass of blackened ruins after a fire of unknown origins swept through yesterday. A meeting of patrons has been called for tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Baptist Church to make provisions for its 69 pupils.
 The structure and its contents valued at approximately $ 3,000., was completely covered by insurance under a blanket policy of the county, Norman S. Stone, Lakeland member of the school board, said.  Stone said the building was burned to the ground and only a few desks and the piano were saved.
 He said the fire broke out shortly after 3 yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Thelma Mize, principal of the school said she eft for home at about that hour. The blaze was discovered about 5 min. later. Paper was burned in a stove in the school about 9 or 10 yesterday morning, but it is not known that this caused the fire.
 No attempt will be made to hold school this week. Ralph Mallory, trustee, called the mass meeting tomorrow night to work out some definite plans to resume school Monday either at Providence or in the Baptist Church here. The school will be rebuilt and there is a possibility that a WPA project can be secured to erect a brick structure.
>Winston School Opens Monday -( Ledger, Tuesday, June 24, 1930 )
The Winston School will open Monday, June 30, according to an announcement made today by C. M. Sutton, principal. Teachers of the year are;
Miss Grace Platt - Miss Lessie Platt - Miss Bernice Wiggins - Mrs. J. O. Robbins - Mrs. Laveina Maddox - Mrs. Kate E. Hodges - and - C. M. Sutton.
Pupils expecting to do nint grade work are requested to see Mr. Sutton at the school office Friday afternoon between 1 and 4.

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