Mulberry High School

This photo is of the Mulberry High School which
later became the Elementary School in Mulberry 
Richard Cecil  attended in 1940, he lived across the street
[ Highway 60 ] with his parents.
photo is a post card

Mulberry High School


Mulberry's then-only public school began high school classes in 1907. In 1914, a separate high school was constructed; it was a two-story brick building with six classrooms and an auditorium, costing approximately $12,500.

In 1921, the first edition of the MHS yearbook was published, titled The Mulberry Tree in honor of the city's famed mulberry tree.

In 1922, land was donated for the construction of a new high school, on the east side of what is now Northeast First Avenue; construction was completed in 1924. Also in 1924, MHS began inter-school football play.

During the Great Depression, many schools cut their terms or lost their accreditation, and the state of Florida ran out of money, but MHS was able to stay open thanks to taxes paid by area phosphate firms.

In 1955, the current school was constructed on 65 acres (260,000 m2) of land given by Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corporation and International Minerals and Chemical Corporation;[3] the old high school was converted to an elementary school, Purcell

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Post Card Donated by ©: S.P.Cecil

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