abt. 1910 photo
and Student List

Lake Parker School-photo
Lake Parker School-student list

Photo donated by way of: Joseph D. "Denton" Cash
In the name of:
 Edna Grimes Steel Hammond

Notice the names of the kids, especially the last name.  All the Joseph Combee and Mary Alice Acree Whidden children are kin to me through the Whidden line.
  His mother was Martha Whidden Brewer Combee.  This was a second family for old man Wilbert Combee.
  Wessie Combee was a sister to Joseph and she married Laurence Grimes and some of their children married Whidden cousins. 
NOW!  These photos came to me from one of those Grimes-Combee kin and be sure she gets credit for collecting the pictures.  She has been dead several years now.  She is a daughter of Richard Grimes and Attie Combee and she still has a sister, Frankie Hooks, and a half sister, Janet Finger Miller, living.
  She is Edna Grimes Steele Hammond. 

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