Polk  County, Fl.
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Irvington photo Irvington School Student List

Photo Donated By: Joseph D. "Denton" Cash
by way of : Edna Grimes Steele Hammond

The principal at old Irvington was the brother of Maggie Harrelson who married Morgan Combee.
  She was one of the older teachers in rural Polk around the Kathleen, Combee  area.
Cecil Harrelson - Principal
Student List:

Cecil Harrelson - Principal
Naraccis Griffin
Ray Mardis
May Mardis
Kelon Combee
Tom Fussell
Claude Griffin
Sarah Griffin
Jesse Webb
Kellie Norman
Earl Griffin
W.E."Bill" Combee
Isa Combee
Lucious Fussell
Ida Fussell
George Combee
Artie Combee
Dan Combee
Lillie Fussell
Attie Combee

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