Polk County Family
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Families are from all over Polk County, Florida

ALBRITTON - Family Line FORD -
ALDERMAN- Famil line GRIMES -  Family file - obits *
Anton Brees-Boc Tower  Bessie Adams KIMLER *
AYERS / AYRES -&  those so named * PIPKIN'S - Luther-Marvin-Reuben
BROWER - Obits - & those so named LANIER - Family- & those so named RAULERSON, Zelda HARRELL
COMBEE,   Obits Maj.Thomas A."Tommy"Nicholson REGISTER- & Those so named
* * ROBERTS, Jackson & Frances
CREWS, Family-  & those so named * Spence-Baker- Douglas-Monroe
COLLINS -  Obits * SELLERS Family Line
DAIL Family Line  MIMBS - Family -see list below
SWEAT- Obits
Duncan E. & Mary Jane Johnson David & Lucy McMullen - 1880 WHIDDEN/WHIDDON
DURRANCE - & those so named Letter from Susannah McMullen Williams Family- 1930 Log Cabin 
* John & Mary Rebecca McMullen  Adams A Letter from Susannah McMullen to her brother David A.Henderson, Esq.
John & Mary R. McMullen ADAMS -
Martha Larome"Romie"McMullen Hardaker Stephen Decatur & Fannie May McMullen/Futch -

Bennett Whidden - Pioneer of Old Tiger Bay + James Whidden

Mimbs Family File

#1-William B.and Lucinda Roberts Mimbs

#2-George Washington and Lillian Johnson Mimbs

#3-The Hanging of Ed Mimbs
Family Photo page

Jackson and Frances Roberts -page - 2 - Sources and Notes  Map 1904


Cracker Barrel links by Spessard Stone -Wonderful Site
Benjamin Franklin Blount - Rigdon Brown
Joseph Lemuel Durrance-    
Jesse Harris Durrance - Eli English
  Jeremiah Madison Hayman - Archibald Hendry - Rev.E.Lardner Hendry -
James Madison Hendry- Charles Wesley Hendry - Spessard L.Holland
Alice Hendry Hull - Bennett Whidden - John Whidden -

Spessard Will Be Missed By All

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