Various Years

>Mr. and Mrs. Ed Combee were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Montgomery, Wednesday ( Ledger, April 15, 1928 )
>Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cochran, of Melbourne, have been visiting Mrs. Monroe Fussel who is very ill. ( April 15, 1928 )
>Mrs. Annie Randall and Johnnie Mae Grimes visited Mrs. Lonzil Grimes Wednesday afternoon. ( April 15, 1928 )
>Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Grimes and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Johnson motored to Lakeland on business Friday Morning. ( April 15, 1928 )
>Miss Clara Reynolds visited Mrs. Dock Combee Monday night. ( April 15, 1928 )
>Little Edward Combee, who had been very ill, has now recovered. ( April 15, 1928 )
>Clayton Combee, of Griffin, was visiting Minnie Combee and Johnnie Mae Grimes, Friday. ( April 15, 1928 )
>Mr. and Mrs. Frank Randall have been visiting his sick father of Lakeland, who has been ill for many weeks. ( April 15, 1928 )
>Mrs. Lessie Brown and daughter, Virgil, are visiting Mrs. Nannie Lane of Riverland. ( April 15, 1928 )
>Mr. Rob Combee and Mrs. Bearyan Harrison and daughter, Maggie, and Andrew Combee motored to Lakeland Thursday night. ( April 15, 1928 - Ledger )
>Mrs. Lee Combee visited Mrs. Tillie Combee Friday afternoon. ( April 15, 1928 )

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