Willoughby Whidden, CSA

Willoughby Whidden

Polk County, Florida

WILLOUGHBY WHIDDEN of Bradley Junction, Polk County, was born February 5, 1836 in Columbia County, Florida, and died February 2, 1922, at Bradley Junction, Polk County, Florida.  He was married to Susan Candacy Durrance at the bride’s residence in Polk County on February 23, 1868 by Rev. Dr. Stanford.  Susan was born October 14, 1848, Marion, Florida and died November 3, 1922.  Willoughby served as a Private in Company K (formerly Capt. John T. Leslie’s Co), 4th Florida Regiment, Infantry, enlisting at Shaw’s Point.  He was captured at Stone River on December 7, 1864 and was a prisoner at Camp Chase, Ohio until released at the close of the war.  Willoughby also served in the Indian Wars of 1856.  (FCPA #A02376, 4 May 1908, Mulberry, Polk Co)
His parents were Noah and Rebecca “Beccy” (Vickers) Whidden from Georgia.  Early censuses report that their first two children, to include the eldest, Willoughby, were born in Georgia.  They were in Tampa by 1850.  Children of Willoughby and Susan were Willoughby born about 1869, Walter born about 1871, Jesse C. born Feb 1873, Lillian born about 1875, Henry born 1879, Robert E. born May 1882, Mittylene born Apr 1884, Nora L. born Jul 1887, William Wallace born 18 Sep 1889, and Cecil Benard born 18 Aug 1892.  1880 resided in Polk County.

Willoughby Whidden Diary from the Civil War

                                      It has been transcribed by Denton and Sharon Cash.

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