June 24 - 29, 1918

The following white men have been called - this is-  they have answered the call into   military service.

Phillip Cohen Edward C. Smith Robert S. Knowles
Melvin McDaniels Russell A. Johns Hans Christenson
James D. Ayers John E. Wilkerson Herschel Y. Shelton
Edward A. Commander Edgar P. Chestnut Willard Rivers
Ollie Langford James B. Sullivan Dallas T. O'Berry
John R. Glover Glenn S. Starling Roderick E. Smith
Harley C. Stokes J. H. Cason Fred C. Hayman
Henry O. Gillespie Castas G. Patiniotis Leo B. Broadwell
Willie D. Ryals Jerry Q. Willis Samuel J. Walker
Aubudon Anderson Henry Roberts Acy C. McClellan
R. H. White Lewis L. Bembry William R. Spivey
John A. Walker Henry D. McAulay John T. Christensen
Enoch H. Turner William D. O'Steen John F. Taylor
Benjamin T. Garrett Lucion B. Glover Thomas J. Willis
John C. Elkins Matthew H. Davis Ben T. Smith
David M. Day Ralph E. Layton Thomas M. Malloy
Hiram C. Wood Frank R. Willis Melville B. Wallace
William Vogt Gettie Hayes James L. Peters
Sherrod A. Lindsey Julius Eulenfield William S. McLean
Clifford B. Mansfield Monte J. Tillis George H. Matts
Harry T. Bower William W. Tucker Louis Aggelis
George S. Bunch John E. Coleman Joseph F. Goss
Albert H. Bryant Robert R. Pervis Roscoe G. Holly
Sidney D. Sikes Lacy O. Ellis Mitchell Surrency
Frank Keller William L. Johnson Lawrence M. Godwin
William V. Smith Howard A. Thullberry Hiram Dotson
James Keller William R. (P) Godwin Herbert Wilson
Albert T. Smith Judson B. Pylant, Jr. Vivian E. Davids
Glen B. Skipper  Thomas M. Reynolds *

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