Morris A. "Pinky" Zipprer

Buddy Young


Everybody has one. Mine was born September 10, 1923. He left Stetson University when Uncle Sam called his name and went to Camp Blanding for Basic Training before shipping out for Africa.

This brave individual dodged German U Boats to land in North Africa and kicked Rommels Butt all the way back to Tunis and off the continent. That might have been enough to warrant hero status but my guy wasn't finished yet.

Serving with Lt.Gen. Mark Clarks 5th Army, 34th infantry Division. fighting Red Bull (Devil) Brigade he landed on Anzio. Pinned down for 30 days during the battle of Monte Cassino he experience the true horror of war before marching victoriously in tho the capital, Rome. Yes, Hitler and Mussolini paid the price when my hero showed up.

After the war he did hid graduate studies at the University of Florida and moved to Lakeland Florida in 1949. He served as the first principle of Lime Street Elementary and subsequently Lakeland Jr. High and Lakeland High School where he presented diplomas to over 6,000 students.

Most men when they retire enjoy some rest and relaxation, not my hero. For the next 20 years he managed the family cattle operation in Polk and Osceola counties.

My hero married my mother in 1981 but was instrumental in my development for 13 years prior. He has always been a shining example of what the male of the species should aspire and has shown me how to be a man. Though none of his blood runs through my veins his strength of character, moral fortitude and integrity have made me the man I am today.

My heros name you ask?........ Morris E. (Pinky) Zipprer.

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