Sunday, Ledger, Dec. 19, 1928


Thirty-One members of Old Co. D, Second Infantry, Florida National Guard held a reunion for the first time Saturday in the new Legion Memorial Building, and presented hands for clasps that time and dangers past have made firmer.
 They were assembled by their first Captain, William Steitz, and addressed by their first Colonel, Maj. Gen. Albert H. Blanding, Bartow, who commanded the infantry when it went to the border in 1916 and saw service with it.  The regiment, stationed at Laredo, Texas, was in minor engagements with Mexican rebbels along the 86 mile front on the Rio Grande.
 Made a part of the 124th. infantry at Camp Wheeler, the company sailed for France early in the World War under the command of Col. Richmond P. Smith, first battalion, and Capt. Steitz. It was broken up in France and its companies scattered, principally amoung units in the 42d division. Its men knew war on nearly every front and some of them never returned.
 Those registered for the reunion included;

William Steitz            Lakeland
Egbert Lusk              Lakeland
Fred B. Whelpley      Lakeland
Thomas J. Wright      Lakeland
Daw M. Bryant          Lakeland
Edgar S. Ferrank       Lakeland
H. E. Nelson               Lakeland
William F. Sutton        Lakeland
Harrie Reynolds         Lakeland
Maynard H. Wright    Lakeland
C. L. Fortner               Lakeland
Fred Brown                  Lakeland
L. V. Lewellen             Lakeland
John M. Groover         Lakeland
W. H. Jackson             Lakeland
John R. Wilson            Lakeland
C. S. Claridy               Lakeland
W. R. Turner               Lakeland
G. R. Jones                  Lakeland
W. T. Whidden             Bartow
E. L. Webb                   Tampa
C. R. Miller                  Galloway
W. A. Wilson                 Tampa
Clyde T. Wynne            Trona, Col.
Dial Murdaugh              Haines City
R. F. Roehlk                  Sanford
L. H. Roehlk                  Davenport
George R. Hardy           Lake Wales
Gordan A. Goffrey         Groveland
Stanley H. Houghton      Port Orange
W. A. Hardaker              Kathleen

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