Couples Married
In Polk County
40 years or longer

 >Mr. and Mrs. John P. "Pat" FLANAGAN celebrated their 60th. Wedding Anniversary on Aug.11, 2010. They were married on Aug.11, 1950 at the First Baptist Church of Lakeland. Mrs. Flanagan retired from the Polk Co. school board after serving 44 years as a classroom teacher and librarian. Pat is a retired owner of Flanagan's Paint Pot where he worked for over 50 years. They have 2 children, 6 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.
 >Mr. and Mrs. Raymond MANN, formerly of Lakeland, celebrated their 50th. Wedding Anniversary. The couple were married June 19, 1960 at Athens Baptist Church in the Bereah Community in South Polk County Florida,with the Rev. R.L.O'Quinn officiating. Raymond Mann is a native of Lakeland,Fl. and graduated from Lakeland High School. Mrs. Mann is a native of Hardee Co.,Fl. and graduated from Hardee High School and Lakeland Business College.
>Mr. and Mrs. Lewis TURLEY, celebrated their 60th. Wedding Anniversary The couple were married on August 4, 1950 in Lakeland, they celebrated with their family.
>CHAUNCEY, Claude and Barbara - celebrated their 50th. wedding anniversary Aug.16, 2011, the couple was married at Lake Garfield Baptist Church.
CONIBEAR, Robert & Joanne - Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Conibear celebrated their 65th. Anniversary this week. They married on  Aug. 15, 1952 at the Bride's parents home in Socrum. They have 2 children a daughter and a( son , deceased ). Robert and Joanne continue to own & manage Conibear Equipment Co., and Conibear RV. - Ledger, Sun. Aug. 20, 2017
>Mr.and Mrs.James E.  HUGGINS- celebrated their 50th wedding anniversity at home with their family. They were married June 26, 1958 in Kingsland Ga. The Huggins family have been long time Polk Co. residents.
> WHIDDEN-Lincoln and Ruth - celebrated their 60th. wedding anniversary with their family. They were married on May 25, 1946, at the courthouse in Bartow, Polk Co.,Florida.  Lincoln served in the Army as a master sergeant during WWII in the South Pacific. Ruth retired from Kathleen High Cafeteria after 25 years.
> Thorntons, George and Martha, celebrated their 50th. wedding anniversary, April 30, 2011. They were honored by family and friends with a BBQ at Happy's Place in Lakeland. They were married April 30, 1961 at The Lakeland Revival Center in Lakeland.
>DILLS, David C. and Edna E. - Celebrate their 50th. Anniversary Jan.16, 2012- married in Lake Alfred, Fl. on Jan. 16, 1962, 3 children were born to the couple.
>KINNEY, Hollis and Edna - Hollis at age 91 and Edna at age 90, celebrated their 70th. wedding anniversary by renewing their vows at the Bethel Baptist Church in Lakeland on 4/21/2012.
>CASEY, Ray and Lorraine of Babson Park, Florida, celebrated their 50th. Anniversary, Nov. 2, 2013. They were married Nov. 2, 1963 by Rev. O'Steen at the Skyland Baptist Church in Lakeland, Florida.
>MERRITTS, C. F. and Joeline ( Pridgen ) , celebrated their 60th. wedding anniversary with their children, Nov. 8, 2013. They were married Nov. 8, 1953 in the Highland City Methodist Church. They have been blessed with 9 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren.
>FOWLER, Scott and Bonnie of Lakeland, Fl. were married on Dec. 11, 1948 in Ponca City, Oklahoma. They came to Lakeland in 1969 where they owned and operated the Dog N Suds Drive-In Restaurant on Main Street. They are founding members of Victory Church, Lakeland.
>BRICE, Alex and Judy - will celebrate their 65th. wedding anniversary on June 21, 2015, They were married in Lakeland, Florida at Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in 1950. They have 2 children, 3 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. The couple will celebrate with family at Peck's Old Port Cove in Crystal River. 
>MILLER, Jan and Sue of Lakeland are very blessed to have celebrated their 50th. anniversary on June 19, 2015. They were married in Lakeland, Florida at the First Baptist Church. The family gave them a surprise celebration at Fresco's on June 13, 2015.

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