Lakeland, Polk County,Florida
How it Started

 In the early 1880's a Mr. J.L.Trammell located upon a homestead.
( this land now constitutes what is know as North Lakeland or Schipman's Survey )
( This survey is located in Bartow,Polk Co.,Fl. )
 Mr.Tremmell had originally set out to homestead this land, but about the same time, the railroad made its first survey and began the grading and laying out of the path. It became definitely settled that the railroad would be constructed over its present right of way and where the City of Lakeland now starts.
 Mr.Trammell and a Mr. R.C.Clough, who was also a resident of Polk, joined together in the purchase of land, he had orginially set out to homestead. Mr. Trammell had the idea to establish a town on his property instead.

 Later in part of 1883 a Mr. E. R. Tremmell and a John Tremmell who were also residents of  Polk and residing on their farms about 4 miles N.of Lakeland, aquired an interest in this property with their brother J.L. and Mr.Clough.
 The railroad was graded and soon to be completed, these gentlemen realized this was an ideal spot for a town, so they began to lay out their land into town lots.
Before long what was to be the City of Lakeland of the present, came with the closing days of 1883., the 4 men had surveyed and platted their 80 acres into lots, known as Schipman's Survey, this being done in November and December 1883 was the first survey as it appeares on the records at Bartow and marks the first efforts towards locating and establishing a town here.

As appears on the county records the lots were placed upon the market and some sold as early as December 1883 and January 1884 being the month the railroad was completed.

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September 2010
Story by: Peggy