In the general rejoicing throughout Lakeland last week over
the commencement of building operations on the new
Lakeland Terrace Hotel, the fact should not be lost sight
 of that the credit for interesting Mr.Frank Adair of the Adair
Reality and Trust Company of Atlanta in this great undertaking
belongs to the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce. When Lakeland
Terrace is completed it will stand as a monument to the faith and
vision of the management of that organization. At times were doubts
 and discouragement; there  were those who said it was a bluff-
"nothing to it-"
Actual proof that Lakeland was about to obtain one of the best
hotels in Florida was demanded. Well that proof has arrived. After
 the excavation work is completed gangs of workman will be engaged
in putting down the concrete foundations and then will come the steel
framework reaching up nine stories above ground. The
beginning of work on Lakeland Terrace Hotel is another mile post in
Lakeland's onward march.

article donated by: Peggy McSwain
December 4, 2009
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