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Sorry folks, seems the PDF files I have linked to for
Polk Co. Historical Quarterly are all off line.
I will find a way to fill in blanks for these lost articles.
Also missing from the internet is the link to the Bartow Historical Library,
a very sad event.

ADAMS Building   History of the Ridge - Polk Co. People of Historical Interest for Polk
* * PIONEER -  Family Files
Bartow Courthouse's Birthday event
Hotel Thelma - abt. 1924 Polk's Lost Post Offices
THE ICEMAN - Alfred Damon Polk County -1861, on  
Constitution of the Confederate States of America Florida Newspaper Chronology
1783 - 2000: by, David Shedden
Florida's Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees - Link
Cale Howard JONES ,Jr,-  News-

House of Representatives - 1861

The Origin of Lakeland's First Floating Christmas Tree-  by Mr. Wolfson
Historical Documents- over 100 documents of America's history Polk Counties -National  Registry of Historic Places   - view
Drane Field- Closing - 1945 College/Academic Sources *
Drane Field - & - Drane Family Lakeland - How it started  *
Florida State Flag,Seal  -  Lakeland Time Line *

Florida Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

The South Florida Railroad- Winter Haven's first railroad, Haskell, now Highland City photo's of  various depot's
The Emancipation Proclamation *
Taps -History of the music
The Fire of 1920 - Lakeland Burns


Former Polk Co. Tax Collectors
A Little Polk History WHEELER, Dr. Sarah  -  1908 -
GEANANGEL, Charles   - Fairwell Lakeland's Terrace Hotel - 1923 WIDDON/WIDDEN-   early history
Historic Florida Stories * WOLFSON -Family & photo's
For ALL History Buff's -
edtechteacher - Great site
Tour  of the Florida Territory during the Florida Seminole Wars- 1792 - 1859
Historical Tidbits -( older news items) MIMBS - Family History
Historic Landmarks of Polk Co. McCullough, William  - Pioneer Ft.Mead *
History.com -  today in history MOSELEY, William Dunn  - First Gov. Why Polk is called Imperial Polk Co.

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