Florida State Flag
and the
Florida State Seal

The Florida State Flag

The flag of the state of Florida consists of a red saltire
( diagonal cross ) on a white background with the seal of
Florida superimposed on the center. The design was
by a popular referendam in 1900.
The flag design has been used since 1985.

From 1868 - 1900, the flag of Florida was simply the
seal of Florida on a white background. In the late 1890's
Governor Francis P.Fleming suggested the red cross be
added so that it would not appear to be a white flag of
retreat hanging on a flagpole.
The Great Seal of the State of Florida

The Great Seal of the State of Florida features a
shoreline on which a
Seminole woman is spreading
flowers, Two of the Florida State Trees,
the Sabal Palm are growing. In
the background
a steamboat sails
before a sun breaking the
horizon with
rays of sunlight  extending into
the sky.
The seal is encircled with the words
"Great Seal of the State of Florida"
and " In God we Trust"
Florida State Seal

The Great Seal of Florida is used to represent the Government
of the State of Florida, and for various official purposes such as
to seal official documents and legislation. It is also commonly
used on State government buildings,vehicles and other aspects
 of the government. It also appears on the State Flag.
Five Flags over Florida

This usually refers  to the five governments that have exerted
sovereignty over all or part of Florida. The flags of Spain,
France, Great Britain, the United States and the Confederacy
 have flown over Florida at various times in its history at least
16 different flags have flown over Florida or parts of Florida
 during its history.
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by: Peggy McSwain