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ADDISON Family File ( Richard and Ruth Eliza Foster Addison,Sr.) *
Osborn S.Williams and Queen Bessie Fanny Myrtle Dekle
ADDISON Family Reunion
(newsclipping)  - (photo)
MIMBS, Index of Names - Index of places - a full Family File OUTLAW - Family line -NewFile -more to come
Ayres/Ayres in Florida 1850 and Before
by: Bob Lehto - Link
SCANLIN and Allied Families of Polk Co.
( more on the Scanlin Family line visit )
ALBRITTON - those so named Descendant List of William B. MIMBS *
* PARRISH Family Line
Descendants of James BLOUNT - link Felix David FUSSELL  & Fussell name Pioneer Families of Polk County
* Grace Elizabeth Whidden/FREELAND PURDY, Fanny/ Fannie
The 7 McMullen Brothers The Rutledge Family Association Home Page
Descendants of Henry COLLIER * *
* McNABB, Joshua Nathanial Glen TURNER family - Vesta Turner
MILTON, Julian-Othel-Judy
LASTINGER, Andrew-  photo-info   * WHIDDEN, Descendants of James Arron 
* Mearil Nall  - in the works Williams, Mary E. DeLacey/HADSOCK

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