1802 - ca1884

 Andrew was the grandson of John and Anna Barbara Lastinger. He married June 25, 1831 in Leon County, Florida to Sarah McDonald, Sarah was born 1810 in North Carolina.
 Andrew was born in Bulloch County,Georgia, enumerated in the 1840 census in Thomas Co.,Ga. - 1850 Baker and 1860 Thomas. U.S Census.
 Subject of a sketch in "Pioneers of Wiregrass Ga." by F. Huxford, vol.111. pp.182-183.
  He is the ancestor of many descendants bearing the Lastinger name.  The Adams; Alderman; and a few other Sirnames.

Andrew Lastinger

Generation No. 6

27. Andrew6 Lastinger (John George5, John Michael4, Johann Georg3, Johann Georg2, Valentin1) was born 1804 in Bulloch Co., GA, and died Abt. 1884 in Hillsborough Co., FL. He married Sarah McDonald 25 Jun 1831 in Leon Co., FL. She was born 1810 in NC, and died Abt. 1887 in Hillsborough Co., FL.

Children of Andrew Lastinger and Sarah McDonald are:
54 i. Elisha7 Lastinger, born Abt. 1833.
55 ii. Barbara Lastinger, born Abt. 1835. She married William Youmans; born Abt. 1833.
56 iii. Susan Lastinger, born Abt. 1837. She married (1) Elijah Adams Abt. 1857; born Abt. 1835. She married (2) LaFayette Gault Aft. 1860; born Abt. 1835.
57 iv. Louisa Lastinger, born Abt. 1839. She married Timothy Alderman; born Abt. 1837.
58 v. Alfred Lastinger, born Abt. 1841.
59 vi. Mary Lastinger, born Abt. 1853. She married Harmon Adams; born Abt. 1851.
60 vii. William Lastinger, born Abt. 1855.
61 viii. Clayton Lastinger, born Abt. 1856.
62 ix. Bartlett Lastinger, born Abt. 1857.
63 x. Jackson Lastinger, born Abt. 1859.
64 xi. Jane Lastinger, born Abt. 1860. She married B.T. Altman; born Abt. 1858.

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