The 7 McMullen Brothers

7 McMullen Brothers

# 1William McMullen

William and his wife Susannah Henderson, settled on a farm in what is now
Medulla in about 1880.

Thomas, James and Daniel McMullen
# 2 - 3 - 4
the 3 brothers here settled in Pinellas County, Florida

# 5 John Fain McMullen
b: May 22,1832
d: Oct.23,1895
Settled in Perry, Florida

# 6 David McMullen
1835 - 1896
David came to Lakeland with his large family, 3 daughters and 4 sons,
and his second wife Lucy to open the Sunshine Hotel, on the north side of Pine Street
{ Main Street at the time }
between Massachusetts and Kentucky.
see photo

# 7 Malcom McMullen

Malcom came to Florida in about 1879 with his wife and 3 daughters,
they lived in Clearwater with brother Thomas for awhile,then moved to Medulla to live with
William and Susanna on the farm ( census 1880 ) The family then moved into Lakeland to
David and Lucy's Sunshine Hotel where all the daughters worked for a time.Malcom's wife
Martha Jane died in 1887 leaving the 3 daughters Mary age 20, ( she would marry
John Q.Adams 18 months later), Romie age 15 and Evajane age 10 as well as 3 sons born
in Florida- Clifford age 6, Jim age 4 and Harry age 6 months. He was the brother Mary R.
Adams took to raise after her mother' death.
( see photo of John Q.Adams home in Lakeland )

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