1912 - 2007


PARK TRAMMELL HICKS - 95 - Retired Carpenter - Ledger, Dec. 13, 2007
LAKELAND - Mr. Park Trammell Hicks,  passed away on December 12, 2007, at Good Shepherd Hospice in Lakeland due to heart failure. He was a veteran of WW II, a retired carpenter and a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church. Park was born September 14, 1912 in Medulla, Florida.
 He was the last survivor of six children born to Edward and Clara Hays Hicks, descendants of 3 pioneer families Hicks, Hays, Evers who were instrumental in settling Polk and eastern Hillsboro Counties in the 1800's.
 The Evers family settled in eastern Hillsboro County and founded Plant City. Park's grandparents, Peter and Mary Evers Hays, donated land to build the Medulla School and the original Ardella Baptist Church.
Park was a namesake of Park Trammell, the 21st governor of Florida and later U.S. Senator, who grew up around the Lakeland area and was a friend of the family.
 Park is preceded in death by his wife, Helen Hicks. > He is survived by seven nieces and nephews Margaret Wynne, Ron Mary De Golyer, Jerry Rosie Hicks, Freida Redding, Glenda Jim Gambrell, Tommy Hicks, all of Lakeland, Gail Bill Frysinger of Tampa and his wife's children, Mike and Linda Heck of Albuquerque, NM. He is also survived by many great and great great nieces and nephews. 
 Visitation will be on Friday, Dec. 14, 2007 at Mulberry First Assembly of God in Mulberry, FL. Rev. William Cooley of Westminster Presbyterian Church will officiate at graveside services on Sat., Dec. 15, 2007 at Fitzgerald Cemetery. Funeral arrangements by A.M. Seigler Funeral Home.

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