Wisconsin People Entertained By Park Hotel
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Haines City Herald Saturday, January 26, 1918

Wisconsin People Entertained By Park Hotel

On Thursay evening, January 24, 1918 the Park Hotel tendered an
oyster dinner to all Wisconsin people living in Haines City, Dundee and Lake
Hamilton, and all visitors from Wisconsin.
The supper was enjoyed by everyone for which we can vouch, as we
observed that nearly everyone had a second helping.
The music rendered was fine and we were agreeably surprised to learn
that "Silver Threads Among the Gold" was composed by a Wisconsin man.
After the supper, O.T. Huie was voted president for the coming year
and Mrs. G.W. Brown, secretary. The balance of the evening was devoted to
general discussion of the respective merits of Florida and Wisconsin. This
discussion was punctuated by much laughter, as each one gave his experiences
in Florida, and reminded Rev. Gutteridge of a store to the effect that
someone entering Heaven observed in ____ containing many people. Upon
inquiring he found that the ____ was for the particular use of all ____
coming from Florida. Being somewhat surprised at this he inquired why they
had to use a cage and was informed "that was the only way they had of keeping
them there."
Fleas and red bugs reminded H.W. Russell of the shortest poem on
record, "Adam had-em".
J. H. Yale stated that Wisconsin had a drawback greather than Florida
ever had ... LaFollett.
Florida climate has California outpassed by many points if the
expression we heard prove anything.
J. H. Yale and J. L. Moore, both of Wisconsin, discovered that the
Fox River has two branches ... Upper Fox River and Lower Fox River.
Several of the ladies proved their loyalty to Uncle Sam by bringing
their _____.
That the evening was enjoyed by everyone is proven by their barely
leaving before the lights were cut-off. _____ ______ place of the next
annual meeting will be announced later by the president and secretary.
Wisconsin people present at supper and the place of their birth.
 Nearly all of these are now residents of Haines City, Dundee and Lake

J.H. Yale - Waukesha, WI
Mrs. J.H. Yale - Waukesha, WI
A. E. __ase - Oshkosh, WI
Mrs. Alida E. __ase - Oshkosh, WI
Mrs. E. Ola B. __ase - Oshkosh, WI
Miss Virginia ___ase - Oshkosh, WI
Mrs. E.L. Thomas - Eau Claire, WI
Mr. Josiah Hocking - Racine, WI
Mrs. Josiah Hocking - Racine, WI
Mrs. J.W. Dixon - Union Grove, WI
Mr. J.W. Dixon - Union Grove, WI
Hon. John Dixon - Racine, WI
Mrs. Johh Dixon - Racine, WI
Elizabeth Morton - Wau__, WI
John L. Moore - Portage County, WI
Laura Hamilton Moore - Two Rivers, WI
Mrs. C.W. Brown - Waukeshau, WI
Mrs. Eva P. Russell - Appleton, WI
Mr. H.W. Russell - Appleton, WI
Howard Russell - Appleton, WI
Ed Duokee - ___ne, WI
J. Lovering - Racine, WI
Wynn Scott - Racine, WI
Mrs. Wynn Scott - Racine, WI
Gordon C. ____ - Neenah, WI
Mrs. H.W. __himpp - Milwaukee, WI
Mr. H.W. __himpp - Neewah, WI
J. L. Howard Huie - Oshkosh, WI
Margaret Huie - Oshkosh, WI
Mrs. Wm. P. Huie - Oshkosh, WI
Wm. P. Huie - Oshkosh, WI
O.L. Huie - Neenah, WI
Rev. and Mrs. C.E. Gutteridge of Delvorine, Manitoba, Canada now pastor at Haines City.

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