Letter's to Santa

>Dear Mr. Santa: All I ask for Christmas is a little broom, and a big brown eyed doll,quite a favor to me. I pray the night will be lovely for you to drive as you have so far to go, but one good thing here, you will have no snow to block your way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Florabell Ryals, Winter Haven,Fl. - ( page 2, Dec. 17, 1914 )
>Dear Santa Clause; Please bring me a little broom and an unbreakable dolly and please do not forget mama and papa and little brother and sisters, wishing you a Merry Christmas - Mandell Ryals ( Dec.17, 1914)
>Dear Santa Clause; Do Please bring me a rubber dolly and a rubber rattle, Goodbye, Merry Christmas to you- As ever, the blueyed baby, Elizabeth Ryals - ( Dec.17, 1914 )
>Dear Santa Clause; I am not going to ask to much of you as you have so many little children to look out for, So Please bring me a doll baby and a go-cart and a little broom so I can sweep the house for my dear old grandma. I have already recieved a nice gold necklace and a heart pendant. Please do not forget grandma and little buddie.- Beulah Ryals- Eagle Lake, Fl. ( Dec.17,1914)
>Dear Friend Santa; Please bring me a garden set, hoe, rake, and shovel and a nice doll. I am a little boy, but like dolls and then when little sister Beulah comes to see me, she can play with the doll and I the garden set. Goodby dear Santa. Please do not forget sister and mama and papa. As ever- Auburndale,Fl.- Paul Ryals - ( Dec.17,1914 )
>Mr. Santa Clause- North Pole - Dear Santa, As you were so good to send us just what we wanted last Christmas, thought we would write again this Christmas. Lily Mae wants a doll, doll bed,doll rocking chair, and a straight chair, a doll trunk,and kitchen cabinet, and I want a doll piano if you can bring it, Frank wants a knife, a bugle and drum, a ball, a cork pistol and a street car. Lois wants a doll and doll bed, a stove and pots and a little table. Everett wants a choo choo train what will run, a dog, a ball and bring little Margaret a rattle cause she is to little to play with anything else, and of course bring us some apples, candy and nuts. Now Santy if you bring us these thingwe will try to be good little children and do what our mama and papa tell us and we thank you so much for what you brought us last year. - Lovingly- Jamea Franklin Thompson- Lilly Mae - Lois Elizabeth - Emmett Archie and Josephine Margaret- 1914 Courier Informant -

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