Ott-Laughlin Funeral Home

Ott-Laughlin Funeral Home was founded in 1933 by Powell Ott and Victor Laughlin and they conducted their first Funeral on August 5th of that year.

     Mr. Ott and Mr. Laughlin served families at the funeral home together until Mr. Ott was called to duty in World War II. Mr. Laughlin retired in the early 1950’s. However, Mr. Ott served families at the funeral home until six weeks before he died in 1998.

     Although his name was never on the door, Edmond Viertel was a faithful coworker. He started working for the funeral home in 1935 and died on his way to work in 1995.

     Eddie G. Allen first met Mr. Ott in the early 1980’s and was the reason he joined the funeral profession today.  Over the years Eddie witnessed Mr. Ott’s compassion and tireless patience with families in their time of loss. He was a true Southern gentleman and a unique mentor to Eddie.


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