Park Trammell

Florida Governor Park Trammell
Periods in Office
January 7,1913 to January 2,1917

He was born : April 9,1876 in Macon County,Alabama,
he attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville,Tennessee, and graduated from
Cumberland University in Lebanon,Tennessee, earning a law degree in 1899. Besides
establishing a law practice in Lakeland,Florida, he also attained a career as a citrus grower
and as an editor. He also served during the Spanish-American War in Tampa's quartermaster's
duty. Trammell entered politics in 1900 as a Mayor of Lakeland, he was reelected to this position in
1901. He was a member of the Florida House of Representatives in 1902, and a member of the Florida
State Senate in 1904, and serving as its president in 1905,and was attorney general of Florida from
1909 to 1913. Trammell also won the 1912 Democratic gubernatorial nomination and was elected
Governor of Florida. During his tenure, he advocated for a state tax commission to balance
 property assessments among the counties,and he endorsed legislation that would manage
money used during election campaigns, a proponent of creating a labor commision, he
sponsored stricter statutes on all railroad charges,and he endorsed racial segration,
overlooking the lynching of blacks and causing more atrocious acts through-
out the state.He was elected to the US Senate in 1916 after leaving
office as Mayor.Governor Park Trammell died on May 8,1936
and he is buried at the Roselawn Cemetery in Lakeland,Fl.
Personal Note: Park was married twice-
Virginia Darby and
Mrs.Louise Mesmer

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