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Henry A. Prine was born April 14, 1832 in Lowndes County, Georgia. He was the son of Daniel Prine, Jr., and Sarah Clifts Prine.

 “The Prine clan is the oldest family in Kathleen, coming here in 1858, just after the close of the Seminole Indian Wars. Henry Prine; patriarch of the Prines in Florida, was discharged from the Florida Cavalry in 1857 at Fort Brook, site of the city of Tampa.”
Prine met and fell in love with Miss Catherine E. Rogers. They married at Fort Gibson on the present site of the Carpenter's home on July 5, 1857. Catherine was born October 6, 1842 in Hillsborough County. She was the daughter of Samuel Rogers and Margaret Ann Hollingsworth. (
Prine marriage, Jacob Summerlin,  well known landowner and cattleman, aka, "King of the Crackers" performed the ceremony at Fort Gibson as "justice of the peace." ) 

 “With his bride, Henry Prine came to the Kathleen area where he settled on the "squatter's rights" premise."

 Their children from this union: Letters - A - N

 A -   Ellen, born May 16, 1860 in Kathleen, Polk County, Florida
NOTE: There are 2 Ellen’s for the right time frame for marriage:
Possible Ellen’s – marriage to either
  # 1. Irvin Parrish on 02-19-1888 in Polk Co., Fl.
  # 2. J.W.Forbes on 12-30-1886 in Polk Co., Fl.

 B -    Robert, born 1863 in Florida

 C -    Morgan, born 1866 in Florida

 D -    Shelton, born 1868 in Florida, married
  # 1.  Linnie Brown on September 7, 1888 in Polk County, Florida
  # 2.  Lilla Melton on February 9, 1898 in Polk County, Fl.
 E -   Lawson B., born January 27, 1870 in Florida,
  Carrie Segrest on January 14, 1894 in Polk County, Florida; died July 16, 1917, buried in Socrum Cemetery
 F -    Margaret, born 1872 in Florida,
  # 1. D. W. Black on June 7, 1888 in Polk County, Florida
  # 2. Walter B. Galloway on July 23, 1895 in Polk County, Florida
 G  -  Calistiann, born 1874 in Florida
 H -   Dallas, born 1876, in Florida,
  Married ;
  Cora Inez Galloway on June 7, 1896 in Polk County, Florida
 I  -  Leon, born August 1878 in Kathleen, Polk County, Florida.
  #1. Ida Brown on June 26, 1897, Polk County, Florida,
  #2. Annie Roso on April 14, 1901

 J -    Henry Hopkins -  born: March 31, 1883 - died: May 18, 1894, - buried in Socrum Cemetery
 K -    Alfred, born in Florida

 L -    Luther, born in Florida
 M -    Mattie, born in Florida –
  Albert S. Keith in Polk Co. on 11-05-1899
 N -   Helen - born: April 28, 1885 in Florida - died: November 10, 1886 - buried at Socrum Cemetery
“With his bride, Henry Prine came to the Kathleen area where he settled on the "squatter's rights" premise."
>Prine served in the 7th and 8th Regiment, Florida Infantry, Confederate States Army.
The 7th Infantry Regiment was organized at Gainesville, Florida, in April, 1862. Its companies were recruited in the counties of Bradford, Hillsborough, Alachua, Manatee, and Marion. During the war it served in R.C. Trigg's, Finley's, and J.A. Smith's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. The 7th took an active part in the arduous campaigns of the army from Chickamauga to Nashville, then fought its last battle at Bentonville. Prine was transferred to the 8th Infantry and headed to Virginia.
>“Henry A. Prine's homestead covered a large part of the present town site. One of his early neighbors was James S. Lanier. There were J.W. Turner and Henry Sylvester, among other early residents. Some of the land has remained in the Prine family since the date of the grant, Oct. 4, 1884. The tract where the Glissons live is the original home site, and Mrs. Glisson is the fourth generation of the family to reside there. She is the former Miss Doris Stalvey, and the granddaughter of Morgan Prine, son of Henry and Catherine Prine. ( Doris Stalvey Glisson:  she is also one of the founders of the Kathleen Area Historical Society.)

 >The old house was known as the "log house by the old pear and mulberry trees". In this pioneer home, Mrs. Prine gave birth to nine sons, Thomas, Dallas, Buck, Shelton, Chart, Morgan, Lawson, Leon, and Bloxon and five daughters, Annie, Lil, Matt, Ellen, and Helen. Helen died at 18 months of age. The other 13 lived to a ripe old age and became prominent farmers and cattlemen in their respective communities.
>In those days in Kathleen there was no train station. As time went on there was need of one and Henry Prine gave the land on which the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad built the first railroad station. Henry had the privilege of giving it a name and he named it "Catherine" in honor of his wife. So Kathleen, was Catherine, for many years. Finally Catherine became Kathleen    
The name was changed when residents of the community learned of an upstate village in Sumter Co. named St. Catherine. Fearing the similarity of names would be confusing, yet wishing to keep the name as close to the original as possible, they decided to call the community Kathleen.
>Henry’s son, Bloxon Prine was one of the founders of Kathleen Baptist Church, which began as a mission of Bethel Baptist in Socrum. It was built of logs and located just north of Ross Creek, not far from the site of the present agriculture building at Kathleen High School. People cleared land in those days with cross-cut saws, grubbing hoes and plenty of elbow grease. The strapping Prine boys did their share, and the girls helped by picking up sticks, roots and trash. The children learned early to drop seeds --- there weren't any planters or drills in those days.”
>On April 27, 1907 Prine passed away and was laid to rest at Socrum Cemetery. The cemetery is located at Bethel Baptist Church, also known as Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery, 10 miles north of Lakeland on State Road 35A, Section 4, Township 27, Range 23. ( aka- "West Socrum Loop Road."  )

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