May Day
In Brewster Florida

In the small mining villages of Pierce,Nichols,
and Brewster etc. the schools often sponcered celebrations such as
 May Day,with a Queesn and a Maypole Winding. These communities,
except Mulberry itself,were company owned Phosphate Mining communities.
The photo's below are examples of such occasions.

All photo's were donated for use by © S.P.Cecil

May Day Court
" May Queesn Nancy "
and her court in May of 1947

May Day Court-1947

The Maypole winding

Maypole winding

Dancing the Virginia Reel in 1947
this May Day celebration the camera caught
Steph and Kenneth doing the Do-sey-Do

Mayday Reel-1947

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by: Peggy McSwain