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The Town of Brewster came about by the need of the phosphate industry about a century ago.
 A company "Amalgamated Phosphate",founded the Town of Brewster in the summer of 1911 when they saw the need to have better access for their employees to arrive to work,because of the isolated site of the phosphate company,this made traveling to work very hard.
 The company provided housing for its employees with the rent being in the range of $10.00 to $20.00 with no charge for electricity, phones were also available at a low rate for those who felt the need,but one had to share a party line.
 Brewster was no ordinary everyday company town. The houses were built very sturdy and in different styles that withstood many hurricanes.
 In 1916 a new company Ameriacn Cyanamid  took over partial ownership of the phosphate company and totaly took over in about 1938.
 Only one real account of trouble ever reported in Brewster and this was in 1919 over a labor disputes with management, and this was quickly settled, they had reports of shots fired in the streets during this short time.
 The company and its employees took pride in their town, if anything went wrong with your house or had the need for something to be added, one just put in a word order and the company took care of it.
 Ameriacn Cyanamid built a commissary building that provided a large variety of goods including live chickens, feed, and gardening tools, they also provided a building used for civic activities, such as voting and movies and on occasion a minstral show and a good place for graduation activities or just whatever was needed.
 Brewster also had a post office, established in 1913 and discontinued in about 1961, a drugstore complete with a pharmacist and a resident doctor.
 The company also provided a nightwatchman to protect the town at night.
 An olympic size swimmimg pool with white sand at the bottom was the main attraction and one never saw algae because of the fresh water flowing in and out daily. A recreation building was erected where one could play games such as ping pong and pool and also contained a jukebox.
 Brewster also had a school that as the town grew so did  the school, it had grades through 12th. grade, until about 1945 when students in the 9th.- 12th grands were bused to Mulberry High School.
 Brewster's church was held in the school auditorium, as was Bible School during the summer.
 The school supported sports and music programs along with a great lunchrrom that provided home cooked meals.
 The phosphate company provided a great place to live and raise children and in exchange the employees gave them their work ethics and loyalty.

Donated by: Martha Powell

Story provided by: Peggy McSwain

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