The following information was greatfully given to the Pasco County Website by Patricia "Curley" Bronson and Galen Chambers. The orginal document was hand written and transcribed by Patricia from Microfilm pages, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, and 75. This information was obtained thru their research of Baillie, Boyett, Sheffield and Worley and other related families in the present day area of West Pasco County.

Our thanks to both of you and I am sure this information will be helpful to other researchers.


Ordered Published.
Notice of Election of Special Tax School District Trustees.

Notice is hereby given that on the 8th day of May, 1920 an election will be held in each Special Tax School District in Pasco County, Florida, in the following places herein designated. Said polls will be open in the morning until Sun-down same day.

The purpose of the said election is to elect Trustees for the next succeeding two (2) years in the respective Special Tax School Districts hereinafter named and to determine the number of mills the Special Tax School Districts are to be assessed for each of the said years.

All qualified voters residing in the Special Tax School District paying taxes on real or personal property should be entitled to vote in said election.

Polls will be open at the following places in charge of the following inspectors and clerks.

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No.1 - Slaughter Schoolhouse Inspectors, Jack Mobley, J. S. Boyd, Clerk, Henry Boyette
No.2 - Tucker Schoolhouse Inspectors, Joe Asbel, A. O. Pearce, Clerk, J. (?) Smith
No.3 - Ellerslie Schoolhouse Inspectors J. (?) Rushing, S. T. Overstreet, Clerk, G. L. Vernon
No.4 - Richland Schoolhouse Inspectors, R. Sullivan, D. H. Smith, Clerk,E. T. Williams
No.5 - Zephyrhills Schoolhouse Inspectors, Dallas Geiger, John H. (?), Clerk,(?) T. Williams
No.6 - Childers Schoolhouse Inspectors A. A. Chancey, A. A. Geiger, Clerk, L. L. Holford
No.7 None listed
No.8 - Sa(?)d P(?) Schoolhouse (Sand Pond)? Inspectors, John Fox, W. A. LeHemp, Clerk, E. S. Chadain
no.9 - Pasadeena, Home of C.F. Gardner Inspectors, C. F. Gardner, A. Roberts, Clerk, Dr. Elwyn Butts
No.10 - Oak Hill Schoolhouse Inspectors, R. S. Bryant, Reubin Connell, Clerk, E. S. Larkin
No.11 - El(b)a Schoolhouse Inspectors, W. R. Jordan, H. B. Croft, Clerk, E. S. Larkin
No. 12 - Trilby Schoolhouse Inspectors, P. C. Mickler, V. C. Hilliard, Clerk, J. D. Spinks
No.13 - Blanton Schoolhouse Inspectors, S. (?) Dowling, D. R. Slaits, Clerk, (Cor E) S. Blocker
No.14 - Cut from bottom of page
No.15 - St. Joseph Schoolhouse Inspectors, J. B. Barthle, MAC. Hinds, Clerk, J. B. McCarthy
No.16 - San Antonio Schoolhouse Inspectors, M. Burke, Gus Wilson, Clerk, Joe Barthle
No.17 - Prospect Schoolhouse Inspectors, W. M. Gaskins, W. W. Grey, Clerk, M. (?) Williams
No.18 Not listed
No.19 - Wesley Chapel Schoolhouse Inspectors, L. R. Wells, J. H. Gillette, Clerk, W. H. Mayo
No.20 - Matchett Lake Home of T. E. Wells Inspectors, R. E. G?lden, C. R. Tucker, Clerk, T. E. Wells
No.21 - Pasco Schoolhouse Inspectors, G. W. Bates, M. M. Wilson, Clerk, Will Ri?e
No.22 - Darby Schoolhouse Inspectors, W. (?) Zeigler, W. R. Mc Natt, Clerk, R. J. Bellamy
No.23 - Clay Sink Schoolhouse Inspectors, Paul McKendree, N. G. Smith, Clerk, Charley Johnson
No.24 - Ehern Schoolhouse Inspectors, A. S. Godwin, H. L. Tucker, Clerk, W. H. Sutton
No.25 Not listed
No.26 - Myrtle Schoolhouse Inspectors, H. H. Strickland, J. H. Grantham, Clerk, M. C. Newbern
No.27 Not Listed
No.28 - Loyce Schoolhouse Inspectors, J. H. Boyd, J. C. Gant, Clerk, O. G. Tracy
No.29 - Fivay Schoolhouse Inspectors, J. T. Frierson, N. D. Eiland, Clerk, P. L. Pearce
No.30 Not Listed
No.31 Not Listed
No.32 - Elfers Schoolhouse Inspectors,C. Johnson, J. H. Moran, Clerk, P. L. Pearch
No.33 - Hudson Schoolhouse Inspectors, C. W. Knowles, Charles Carter, Clerk, J. B. Hudson
No.34 - Emmaus Schoolhouse Inspectors, O. W. Connell, C. J. Wells, Clerk, W. R. Stanley
No.35 - Midway Schoolhouse Inspectors, J. M. Fillman, G. W. Stafford, Clerk, J. T. Campbell
No.36 Not Listed
No.37 - Dade City Schoolhouse Inspectors,J. A. Mobley, E. T. Vaughn, Clerk, R. D. G????

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