The Gulf High School


The Gulf High School came into being on the 18th day of September, 1922. The auditorium of the new $40,000 building on the south bank of the Cotee River not being then completed, the opening exercises were held in the Community church. Forty pupils were enrolled in the first three grades of high school during the first week and several were added later.

Three rooms were equipped in the new building and Principal McBeath lost no time in organizing classes which began work immediately. Although hampered by the lack of special equipment and the disturbance incident to the completion of the building, very creditable work was done from the beginning. Pupils from thirteen states were enrolled.

The foremost school organization was the Avery Literary Society, which held regular meetings every other Friday afternoon. Debates, plays, dialogues, recitations, readings, essays, and impromptu addresses were among the numbers appearing on the programs. Public entertainments were not possible during the first semester owing to the fact that the auditorium was not seated and the electric lights not installed.

Class organizations were maintained and the boys were enabled to play several games of baseball -- thanks to Dr. Avery for the gift of a complete baseball outfit, but no other athletics were attempted because of the lack of funds for equipment and preparation of grounds.

The girls organized a domestic science class under the supervision of Mrs. Harriet Ticknor, County Home Demonstration Agent, and made splendid headway in equipping a room for their club, money being raised by giving a pilau.

Early in the year a school paper, "Gulf-Hi-Life," was begun under the supervision of the faculty with Marion Bowman of '24 and Doris Wright '25 as editor and associate editor respectively. Gulf-Hi-Life was well received and proved valuable in developing school spirit among the pupils and maintaining general interest in the school affairs among the public.

Some of the boys placed between the building and the highway, a flag-pole from which floats, in "business hours," a fine U. S. flag -- the gift of Dr. Avery.

The faculty was as follows: T. J. McBeath, principal; Edwin S. Dew, English and History; Miss Mabel Waring, Latin and Science. Miss Waring resigned at Christmas and Miss Kate Caplinger took her place.

Editorial Note. -- In 1923-1924, Edwin S. Dew was principal with Mr. J. H. St. Clair, Miss Mary Bohman, Miss Maude Fant, and Miss Anna Ley as assistants.

For the year 1924-1925, the appointments were Albert Covert, principal, J. H. St. Clair, Miss Elizabeth Humphries, Miss Vivia Craig, and Miss Lucinda Allen as assistants.

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